Gymnastics Fundraisers for Booster ClubsThe fundraisers listed below require a bit more planning and man-power than the ideas shared in my EASY FUNDRAISERS FOR BOOSTER CLUBS post, but with a little creativity they can result in huge fundraising success.


A great way to get rid of unwanted things and contribute to fundraising needs.

Use of the Gym’s Parking Lot, Tables, Bins, Cash Box, Price Stickers, Signage.

Collecting donations, organizing donations, pricing donations, manning garage sale on the day of the event.

Step 1 – Distribute notes/emails requesting families unwanted, still in good-condition items.
Step 2 – Collect items by providing a drop-off spot and time.
Step 3 – Price & Organize items.
Step 4 – Create and distribute notes and signs announcing garage sale.
Step 5 – Take unsold items to a donation center.

This can vary drastically.

Summer or anytime the weather is predictable.



Planning and running a meet is very time consuming and Booster Clubs can provide much needed support to the host gym.

First, a conversation and approval from your meet director! Ask what help is needed and present your own ideas for fundraising opportunities.

This varies depending on what projects you decide to take on!

Concession Stand
– buy in bulk or have families bake and donate goodies.
Advertising – contact local businesses and include their logo on the meet score sheet.
Ivivva Sales – contact your local Ivivva Store and negotiate rental space or commission per sale. Not sure what Ivivva is? Check out Gym Gab’s post here. 
Leotard Sales –  contact gymnastics companies to profit from leotard sales or consignment opportunities.

Concession items usually range from .50 to $5. Advertising spots can be on a donation basis or fluctuate based on size and color.

Whenever your gym is hosting a meet, of course.



It allows the gymnasts to participate in fundraising and provides a useful service to family and friends in your community.  It is also a great advertising tool for your gym and the sport of gymnastics.

Approval from the gym owner to use or rent gym space, release forms, pizza or snack.

Create notes, collect payments and release forms, check-in participants, buy pizza/snack, hire one or more trained coaches to oversee safety and gymnast volunteers.

Step 1 – Provide team gymnasts with notes/release forms to distribute to neighbors and friends.
Step 2 – Gymnasts invite family friends, approx. ages 4-10, to attend Parent’s Night Out.
Step 3 – Collect release forms and payment for participants.
Step 4 – Hire a trained coach to oversee event.
Step 5 – Organize gymnast volunteers that will help at Parent’s Night Out (ages 10+).
Step 6 – Set-up for open gym or any planned activities
Step 7 – Sign-in paid participants at night of the event (make sure they have release forms).
Step 8 –
 Purchase and provide any food or snacks decided on for the event.

Price per entry will depend on the length and magnitude of your Parent’s Night Out event. Usually entrance is $20-$30.

Two or Three Hours on a Friday or Saturday night. If you offer this event before the Holidays it allows parents a kid-free shopping night :)



An inexpensive, entertaining opportunity for family and friends to watch their favorite gymnast without having to wait for scores, listen to compulsory music, or pay outrageous gate fees.

Approval from the gym owner, help from the coaches, donated dessert items, seats or benches.

Planing gymnastics demonstration,

Step 1 – Plan the entertainment. Coach assistance will be required. This can include individual floor routines (optional/xcel) and/or group routines on each apparatus. Highlight skills simultaneously in ripples or synchronized performance. The gym show does not have to be complicated, just entertaining and should highlight each gymnast in some small way or another. I recommend no more than 60 min. in length.
Step 2 – Gymnasts sell tickets to the event to family and friends.
Step 3 – Provide seating and a dessert bar for spectators.
Step 4 – Collect items donated by families or local businesses for silent Auction.
Step 5 – Display auction items and bidding sheets.
Step 6 – Collect money from ticket sales and auction bids.

Tickets usually are around $10. Silent Auction items will vary.



–> Interested in more ideas? Check this out:


Easy Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

What do leotards, eating out and wrapping paper all have in common? They’re all viable ways to raise money for competition season!

Today’s post is for Gymnastics Booster Clubs who are on the hunt for ways to “raise dollars for dreams” (saying borrowed from Plum Practicewear). There are a lot of great ways to compensate for competition season expenses. This post addresses four minimal-planning and easy-to-execute, GYMNASTICS FUNDRAISERS!

Stay tuned for FOUR additional gymnastics fundraising ideas to be shared in a later post.

1. Used Leotard Sale

gymnastics booster club fundraising

This fundraiser provides affordable leotards and has the potential for large fundraising goals.

Donation Bin, Clothing Racks & Hangers OR Additional Bins and Tables

Create Note, Distribute Notes, Collect Leotards, Organize Leotards, Over-see Sales

Step 1 – Distribute notes/emails requesting too-small or unwanted leotard and shorts donations.Step 2 – Collect leotards by providing a “drop-off” spot. Such as a bin behind the Front Desk.
Step 3 – Price & Organize Leotards by Size and Quality
Step 4 – Distribute notes and/or emails regarding day and time of used-leotard sale.
Step 5 – Sell leotards on designated date.

Leotard prices usually range between $5 and $25 a leotard.

Summer/Beginning of School Year

2. Plumraiser

There is almost no work involved and this fundraiser offers a product that is relevant to gym families.

Nothing. Yep, you read that right. Nothing.

Contact Plum Practicewear, Distribute flyers/emails.

Step 1 – Email to confirm a date and obtain a flyer to announce your promotion.
Step 2 – Distribute flyers and or emails and encourage your gym’s families to place online leotard orders at Plum Practicewear during your specified fundraising timeframe.
Step 3 – At checkout, in the “Add a note to your order” comment box, the purchaser will input (Your Gym Name) Fundraiser.
Step 4 – A rebate check will be mailed 7-10 business days following the completion of the promotion.

Plum Practicewear will rebate $5 per garment purchased during the promotion timeframe.


3. Restaurant Team Night

gymnastics booster club fundraising ideas

This Fundraiser allows for team bonding and money back on a ritual many families already participate in.

Again, nothing!

Contact Designated Restaurants, Distribute flyers/emails.

EXECUTION: (may vary per restaurant)
Step 1 – Fill out a Fundraising Request Form
Step 2 – Choose a Date with Contacting Manager
Step 3 – Distribute Flyers

Receive a percentage (usually around 20%) of sales generated by supporters of your gym eating at the designated establishment on the designated night.

The day of a competition – encourage your gymnasts to celebrate with their team at the designated restaurant. Pick locations close to meet venues.

Some Participating Restaurants include: Buca di Beppo,  California Pizza KitchenChevy’s Fresh MexChick-Fil-A, Marie Callenders, Noodles & Co., Panera. Find a more extensive list here. 

4. Cookie Dough, Popcorn, Candy, Etc.


I have to admit this is NOT my favorite fundraiser, although it does provide family and friends with a chance to support their favorite gymnast. Some families find this fundraiser valuable and others opt out. The trick is assessing if enough families are interested before you put in the work. 

A place to keep & distribute orders.

Contact Designated Company, Distribute Ordering Forms, Collect Orders/Money, Place Orders, Receive and Organize Products Ordered.

EXECUTION: (varies depending on company)
Step 1 –  Request Fundraiser with Company
Step 2 – Distribute Packets to Gymnasts
Step 3 – Family and Friends Place Orders
Step 4 – Processes All Orders With Company
Step 5 – Receive and Distribute Items to Gymnasts

Receive a percentage (approx. 50%) of items sold.

Pre-Season. This way families and friends see the direct correlation between purchase and supporting an upcoming competition season.

Cookie Dough
Fundraising Zone


5 Fantastic Gymnastics Books

5 Fantastics Gymnastics BooksI love books. I love gymnastics. I especially love books about gymnastics! There may not be many options when it comes to literature for your gymnastics-loving little one, but what is offered in this genre, is quality. Here are a few of my family’s favorites:

Jake at Gymnastics

Gym Gab: Gymnastics Picture BooksAUTHOR: Rachel Isadora

“Caldecott Honor winner Rachel Isadora’s irresistible illustrations of enthusiastic toddlers will have budding gymnasts jumping for joy.”

AGE RANGE: 2-5 years old

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS GYMNASTICS BOOK: There are several reasons Jake at Gymnastics has captured my family’s heart. First, the illustrations are comparable to none. My five-year old continually comments on the “cuteness” of the tots.  Second, the simplicity of the story line portrays the everyday magic of preschool gymnastics. My three-year old joins “Jake’s Class”, by mimicking the characters’ actions in our living room. My husband, a coach, will read it to our girlies time and time again.

The Greatest Gymnast of All

Gym Gab: Gymnastics Picture BooksAUTHOR: Stuart J. Murphy

“Zoe zips and zooms around the gym. She’s on and off the mats, over and under the bar! She’s the greatest–in gymnastics and at demonstrating opposites.”

AGE RANGE: 3-7 years old

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS GYMNASTICS BOOK: The Greatest Gymnast of All is a Mathstart book (books that do more than tell stories; they teach math), offering an introduction to opposites for young readers. My younger daughter hunts for words that rhyme and loves picking out opposites. The sentence structure and word choice are basic enough for my beginning reader to conquer and we are all fans of Bynthia Jabar’s illustrations!

NOTE: The only oddity about this book is that Zoe competes on three artistic events – floor, beam, and bars, and one rhythmic apparatus – hoop. It didn’t detract from the book and my girlies have yet to notice.

Tina Tumbles

Gymnastics Books: Tina Tumbles

AUTHOR: Danielle Soucy Mills

“After watching gymnasts flip across the T.V. screen, Tina wants to do nothing but gymnastics at all hours of the day. But Tina learns that even a cartwheel is not as easy as it looks. She just can’t land on her feet. Now it’s time for her first gymnastics lesson. Will Tina gain the confidence she needs to complete the skill without falling?”

AGE RANGE: 4-8 years old

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS GYMNASTICS BOOK: I love that Tina Tumbles is written by a gymnastics coach! I also love the rhyming, pace, and flow of the book. But, perhaps my favorite thing, is the lessons it offers in confidence, focus, and perseverance.

NOTE: Looking for a fun present? Try Snowflake Designs coordinating Tina Tumbles leotard, doll leotard, and gymnastics book!

Kika the Upside-Down Girl

Gym Gab's Favorite Gymnastics BooksAUTHOR: Jessica Tudos

“Join Kika, a girl who loves living upside down in a right side up world, on her unique journey to a fliptastic place. ”

AGE RANGE: 4-8 years old

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS GYMNASTICS BOOK: Jessica Tudos, a Canadian Olympian, depicts the unique emotions of a girl born with the heart of a gymnast, in search of a place that understands her upside-down habits.  My daughters love singing along with Kika’s repeated song, “Kids like me, love to be free, upside-down, filled with glee.” They also appreciate fun words found in Kika the Upside-Down Girl, such as “Swingazing”, “Somersaulticious” and “Handstanding”.

Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still

Gym Gab's Gymnastics Book ListAUTHOR: Karlin Gray

“Expert illustrations that capture the energy and fluidity of Nadia’s exuberant gymnastic routines and referential back matter round out this inspirational story of determination and overcoming adversity. A perfect 10.”

AGE RANGE: 6-9 years old

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS BOOK: This is the only gymnastics book of the five that I don’t own, as it has yet to be released. It is however, one I am looking forward to reading with my girls and so I added it to the list! My excitement is solely based on the cover illustration and description. As soon as I get my hands on a copy, I’ll be sure to update my review.

NOTE: Amazon is currently offering a reduced price on pre-orders. This gymnastics book will be released and shipped on June 7th of this year.

Stay tuned for future gymnastics book lists: Gymnastics Books for Beginning Readers  & Gymnastics Chapter Books for Young Readers



It’s time for Gym Gab’s third annual 50 Gymnastics Stocking Stuffer Guide! As always, it’s filled with stocking-sized gymnastics gifts for gymnasts of all ages and abilities!

Gymnastics Gifts | Gifts for Gymnasts | Stocking Stuffers

So what’s new to the list? Pasta in the shape of gymnasts, the ever so popular Fitbit for an older athlete, washable tape grips, new jewelry designs and NCAA gymnastics tickets are a few that made the list. New book titles like Nastia Liukins autobiography and a handful of gymnastics easy readers also make their debut. Not to be overlooked are the gymnastics gifts from past guides that offer variations from 2013 and 2014.

Many of these gifts are found on Product Specific Websites or Amazon (great news for PRIME members doing some last minute shopping). There are also personalized hand-made items, usually sold through Etsy, requiring several weeks to make it to your doorstep. For these items, order ASAP!!!

Hope something stands out for your special one!

Gymnastics Gifts


1. AWARD PINS – Celebrate a level advancement, an all-around score, or new skill with a gymnastics awards pin! Multiple styles found at Designs by Margarita, Ten-0, Gym Treasures, and Snowflake Designs.

2. CHALK – use at gym, a meet, or keep it at home to go with her gymnastics bar! Find chalk blocks on Amazon.

3. DEODORANT – this is more of a gift for your child’s coach! Try Fresh Kids Girls Deodorant without antiperspirant for younger ones.

4. RIPT SKIN CARE – it’s worth trying different products for hands to find the one that works best for your child. Learn more about RIPT products.

5. WRIST SUPPORTS – if your child plans to use wrist guards for competition, I suggest Tan Tigerpaws, otherwise choose a fun color  for workout.

6. GRIP BAGa grip bag should be washed often and traded out every once in awhile. I love the ones from It’s All Eye Candy and the custom ones from Paper Nook. There are also tons of styles found on Amazon.

7. ESSENTIAL OILS – gymnasts demand a lot of their bodies. Essential oils can provide relief for sore and achey muscles. We use Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts at our house.

8. WATER BOTTLEkeep your gymnast hydrated in style. My daughters favorites are the Camelbak kids water bottles. If you want a “gymnastics” look, try Aerials by Alpha Factor’s Gymnastics Water Bottles or Personalized styles on Amazon!

9. TENDLITE –  is an FDA cleared LED Light Therapy Device that offers 60% faster healing time by increasing joint tissue repair, strength, flexibility & mobility or other inflammation related ailments. Tendlite is also a convenient size for a stocking (and gym bag). Check out the Tendlite reviews.

10. FLEXIBILITY STRAPS – Here are some great contraptions to assist in your athlete’s journey to a more limber body: Superior Band, I-Flex Jr, Flexistretcher, Stretch Out Strap.

11. KEYCHAIN – add some personality to the gym bag, backpack or keys. Check out hundreds of styles offered by Zazzle.

12. WINNIE’S RIP FIX – hand repair for rips. Winnie’s Rip Fix is another product to try on tender hands.

13. DETANGLING BRUSH – to fix the rats nest that appears atop your gymnast’s head after workout try a Detangling Brush.

14. BODY ADHESIVE – this gift will keep the wedgies at bay- It Stays!

15. PRE-WRAP – to protect the skin from tape. A plethora of fun colors are available!

16. LIP BALM – EOS lip balm is a must for the gym bag! Check out the Holiday 2015 Limited Editions.

17. SPORTS HEADBANDthese gymnastics gifts stay in while flipping and twisting. Favorites at our gym are Under Armour and Ivivva.

18. GLITTER HAIRSPRAY – if your looking for something subtle that offers a little extra shimmer for meet day, try IT Glitter Spray.

19. GYMNASTICS FUN PINS – fun, funky, and perfect to proclaim gymnast status on a school backpack. Check out It’s All Eye Candy for different designs.

20. GYMNASTICS SHORTS – a few great companies include Destira, GK, Flip N Fit, Alpha Factor, & Snowflake Design. Find more options on Amazon.


21. DRAWSTRING BAGA washable drawstring bag to tote shoes, snacks, and good luck charms to and from gym. The pictured bag is from Amazon. Also check out Zazzle.

22. GYMNAST BRACELET – The one pictured is a medal cuff bracelet.

23. GYMNASTICS MEDAL RACK – Compare hundreds of designs on Amazon.

24. GYMNASTICS PASTA – A fun novelty also discovered on Amazon.

25.VICI DOLLthis bendy doll is typically used by coaches to demonstrate proper technique and body positions, but fun is had when gymnasts get their hands on Vici. Choose from two sizes offered by American Gymnast.

26.TAPE GRIPS – Griptastik now offers machine washable, customizable tape grips!

27. DOLL LEOTARDSDestira offers 18″ doll leotards that match their regular-sized collection. Competition style doll leotards are found on Amazon.

28. GYMNASTICS BEAR – achievement bears celebrate gymnastics skills and levels. Check out the designs from Gym Treasures.

29. GYMNASTICS MONKEY  – a monkey performing giants? What a great novelty gift!

30. ROOM DECOR – gymnastics decor will make her room feel like a sanctuary :) Check out what Amazon has to offer.

31. LEOTARDS –  leotards are always appreciated by the receiver. Check out Destira, GK, Flip N Fit, Alpha Factor, Plum Practicewear, K-Bee, Ozone  & Snowflake Design. Find more options on Amazon.

32. MCKENNA AG BOOKS – the popular 2012 American Girl of the year books are about a young gymnast with a great name :). If your daughter hasn’t read McKenna American Girl Books, grab them for the stocking!

33. GYMNASTICS BOOKS – looking for easy reads that keep your gymnast’s attention? Try one of these:  Gymnastics Girl Maya’s Story, Strawberry Shortcake Gymnastics FunGemma Gymnastics Fairy, I will Try, I broke into Gymnastics Camp, Curious George Gymnastics Fun,  Gymnastics JittersLily’s Lucky Leotard, DK Readers: Gymnastics, The Greatest Gymnast of All, Cartwheel Katie, Cat on the Mat or Tina Tumble’s.

34. PILLOWCASE – I love Mary’s Canary Gymnastics Pillowcase! The customized design includes the gymnast’s name within the gymnast silhouette. It’s also easy to tuck inside a stocking!

35. MOGO BRACELET – this magnetic charm bracelet is a popular pick for the younger gymnast. Charms are purchased separate from bracelet.

36. JEWELRY – there are many beautiful pieces of gymnastics jewelry these days. The one pictured is found on Amazon. Also check out Etsy &  Ten-O.

37. MCKENNA AG DVDMcKenna Shoots for the Stars is the 2012 American Girl of the year gymnastics movie and a hit with young gymnasts.


38. FITBIT – gymnasts get plenty of exercise, but what about sleep? How about the retired gymnast who still desires fitness as a lifestyle? Try putting a Fitbit in the stocking.  Amazon has them at 20% off in 7 colors.

39. GYMNASTICS SHOES – theses sandals are designed with the gymnast in mind. They provide support and comfort for an easy transition between events during competition. Note they come in adult sizes. Find them at Ten-o.

40. LEOTARD GIFT CARD – this is a great stocking stuffer for an older gymnast, more particular about her style. Destira, GK-Elite Sportswear, Plum Practicewear, & Snowflake Design offer gift certificates on their sites.

41. GYMNASTICS DVDS – new to the list this year is The Gabby Douglas Story. Or there is the classic teen flick Stick It.

42. TRAINING BOOKS – technically the brain is not a muscle, but gymnast’s minds do need conditioning. Books like Your Best Meet Ever, and Gymnastics Psychology can help!  What great gymnastics gifts!?!

43. SPORTS BRA – an athlete favorite is the Ivivva’s reversible youth sports bra. Check out new patterns this winter. Also try Under Armour’s HeatGear bra.

44. NCAA SEASON TICKETS– give the gift of experience and inspiration. Season tickets are also a chance for some parent-child bonding!

45. SMART PHONE CASEgymnastics cases for ipods, iphones, ipads, or other smart devices are always an easy win with (pre)teens.

46. MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION – how about a periodical all about her favorite sport?!?! Check out Inside Gymnastics and International Gymnast.

47. OLYMPIAN BIOGRAPHIES – inspire your gymnast with autobiographies from Nastia Liukin, Shannon MillerGabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson. Or try the GymnStars series. I also recommend the incredible story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond titled, No Excuses.

48. EMERGENCY KIT – griptastik’s Gymnastics Emergency Kit is a customizable travel bag that includes everything you’d need at a meet, including hair accessories, deodorant, tape, and band-aids .

49. SCRIPT NECKLACE –  my favorite necklace for an older gymnast, is new to Ten-o’s site this year – The Script Gymnast Necklace.


50. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT –  start your hunt on Amazon and Etsy – many, many options from both sites.

Happy Holidays!


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The sale price will not be listed until the item’s sale time.


Have your pie and eat it too – shop the Black Friday (thursday) deals at home with Amazon! Here are some of TODAY’s STEALS for your gymnast. Remember, limited quantities available so act fast!

Tips: check the start times – deals are staggered. Not on sale yet? Add the item to your watch list. If the item is 100% claimed, get on the wait list.

Thursday, November 26th Deals


Gymnastics Equipment

The Beam Store Suede 8 Foot Gymnastics Beam Tan – beams are my favorite at home equipment | The Beam Store Suede 8 Foot Gymnastics Beam Pink – does your little love pink? | Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline – same shape as in-gym tramps | Tumbl Trak Folding Mat – so many colors to choose from!

Traveling Gymnast

Delsey Luggage – heavy duty and light wight | Fire Tablet – plane and car rides go quicker with tablets |  Fire Kids Edition & Case – if you break it, they’ll replace it. No questions asked | NCAA Neck Pillow – perfect for the college commit | Night at the Museum, Inside Out, The Croods, Hotel Transylvania, Cinderella – keep them occupied on the drive/flight!

Competition Day

Camelbak Water bottle – my kids favorite water bottle brand | Infini’Silk Hair Removal – leotards can be tricky for maturing gymnasts | Detangling Hair Brush – for the rats nest that shows up after workout | Glitter Spray – a little extra sparkle for competition-hair.

//affiliate links included//

2015 Gymnastics Gift Giveaway

It’s time for the annual Gym Gab Stocking Stuffer Giveaway! Over  two-hundred dollars worth of gymnastics gifts will find their way into one lucky gymnast’s stocking this year!


Gymnastics Gifts


1. $50 Leotard Gift Card | Destira Leotards
2. No Excuses: The Aimee Walker Pond Biography | Impact Publishing
3. Gymnastics Emergency Kit | Griptastik
4. Gymnastics Pins | It’s All Eye Candy
5. Scripted Gymnast Necklace | TEN.O
6. Gymnastics Grip Bag | It’s All Eye Candy
7. Personalized Gymnastics Pillowcase | Mary’s Canary
8. Premium Washable Tape Grips | Griptastik
9. Dazzle Water Bottle | Alpha Factor

Interested in MORE gift ideas for your gymnast’s stocking? Gym Gab’s 2015 FIFTY Gymnastics Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide is coming your way next week! Until then, check out the unique items listed above or take a peek at Gym Gab’s 2014 Stocking Stuffer List.

Gym Gab’s 2014 Stocking Stuffer Guide

For BIGGER Gymnastics Gift Ideas check out

Gym Gab’s Home Equipment Ideas!

Gymnastics Hairstyles for Competition Day

This week I was on the hunt for some fresh and fun gymnastics hairstyles for competition day! Thank goodness there are talented mommas sharing great hair ideas and tutorials with the less creative and capable (me)! Find the following gymnastics hairstyles below for links and youtube videos.

Gymnastics Meet Hairstyles | Gymnastics Hairstyles | Braid Hairstyles for Gymnasts

16 Gymnastics Hairstyles – Braids

1. Zipper Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles -includes video tutorial
2. 4 Strand Braid to Bun | JEhat
3. 5 Strand Dutch Braid | Twist Me Pretty -includes video tutorial
4. 3 French Braid to Bun | JEhat
5. Double French Braids Pinned | JEhat
6. French Up High Bun | Cute Girls Hairstyles -includes video tutorial
7. Bundled Braids | Cute Girls Hairstyles -includes video tutorial
8. Waterfall Headband Braid | Cute Girls Hairstyles -includes video tutorial
9. Double French into High Pony | Cute Girls Hairstyles -includes video tutorial
10. Dutch Sister Braid | MakeUpWearables -includes video tutorial
11. French Loop Braid to Pony | JEhat
12. Dutch Accent Pony | Cute Girls Hairstyles – includes video tutorial
13. Braided Pull-Through | Babes in Hairland –  includes video tutorial
14. Princess Pentagon with Braids | Princess Piggies
15. Double Knot Braid | Girly Do Hairstyles – includes video tutorial
16. Triple French to Piggies | Princess Hairstyles

Which of the above listed gymnastics hairstyles is your favorite? Have any of your own gymnastics hairstyles that have proven to be winners on meet day? Send them my way! 


Today I celebrate 15 years of coaching by remembering where my journey began – The wonderful world of non-competitive gymnastics!


I took my first coaching job at a small gym. It was wonderful. I could not have chosen a better environment to start my career than at a gym that fostered fun, confidence, and development without the worries of routines, deductions, and scores.

Although I enjoy the competitive world of gymnastics, I often yearn for my little gym of wonder. Unfortunately, 900 miles offers a bit of a challenge and so last week I opted for a place that although new to me, provided the nostalgia I was seeking.


The moment I walked into The Little Gym, I felt the magic. Two seconds later my 2-year-old and her friend had their noses pressed on the glass dividing the viewing area from the gym. They were mesmerized. They were ready.

Soon moms, dads, and tots trickled through the front door. Parents greeted each other and caught up on weekly happenings.  A few littles excitedly found cubbies for their shoes. The less patient attempted to join a class already in session – their plan quickly thwarted by a fast acting mom.

Then Ms. Kim gave the signal. What followed was 45 minutes of serious fun! Singing, clapping, running, jumping, laughing, rolling, swinging, crawling, climbing, and turning were included.


What I loved

One class: With only our class utilizing the space, my daughter was free to explore the kid-size equipment without interruption.

Age appropriate: The Little Gym offers four different parent-tot age groups (between 4 months and 3 years). That meant our class was designed for tots that were comparable in size, coordination, and social development.

Music: Clapping, singing and action songs kept my two-year-old’s interest and made each activity and transition exciting.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Clean, organized, and colorful are not always applicable adjectives to gymnastics centers, but The Little Gym nailed it!


3 Dimensional Learning

My experience was in a gymnastics class, but The Little Gym’s ‘Three-Dimensional Learning’ approach is applied to all of their programs including, Karate, Sports Skills, Dance, and KinderMusik. Their holistic philosophy offers development for children twelve and under based on three core tenets: ‘Get Moving’ to foster flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination; ‘Brain Boost’ to nurture listening skills, concentration and decision making; and ‘Citizen Kid’ to promote sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership abilities. Sounds great, right?

Introductory Experience

Are you looking for a non-competitive experience? Curious if there is a Little Gym near you? With over 300 locations, chances are good.

Click here to find your nearest location and book an introductory experience!

Disclosure: While I was compensated to write about my experience at The Little Gym all opinions are my own.

Gymnastics Parent Poll

This poll was created to better understand trends within the gymnastics community. All findings will be reported on Gym Gab following a substantial collection of data with the understanding that gymnastics clubs’ individual needs, goals, decisions, and demographics are unique and independent of other establishments.

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Gymnastics Medal Display Ideas

If medals are taking over your athlete’s room, or hiding in a box somewhere in the attic between baby clothes and Christmas decor, it’s time for a gymnastics medal display!


Gymnastics Medal Display


Although DIY medal displays take some work, they have the potential of holding an ever increasing amount of awards. On the other hand, purchasing a gymnastics themed medal display can be a convenient gifting option and way to organize medals by level or event.

From homemade, to purchase-ready, choose your favorite way (or hers) to display your gymnast’s hard-earned awards!


Gymnastics Medal Display | Gym Gab


CURTAIN ROD: It’s a fairly easy concept . . . but here’s a hint: loop the ribbon around the rod instead of hanging it like a curtain, allowing for easy on/off and forward hanging medals (shown on shutter pictured above). To see the curtain rod medal display put to practice, visit HERE.

SHUTTER: My mother painted an old shutter for my room as a creative way to display the medals I accumulated as a gymnast. I loved it! Not sure where to find an old shutter? Try antique stores.

CORK BOARD: This idea works great when combining pins, ribbons, medals, athlete numbers (mostly used at Nationals), and credentials (used at Invitationals) into one display. To attach paraphernalia simply staple on! You can add fabric over the cork or paint the wood boarder for a more personal touch. Check out A Pretty Happy Home  for instructions and ideas on making your own, durable, display cork board.

Wood Ribbon Rack

Not interested in the hassle of making your own gymnastics medal display? Try one of the above pictured wooden displays made by Etsy Shop Owner, FreeStyleMom. Cute, right? Oh, and the above pictured Gymnast board comes with hooks, of course. Checkout these and other styles HERE.

Gymnastics Medal Display

If you’re looking for something that declares “GYMNAST”, consider the metal gymnastics award displays available on Amazon. You can find 5 hook, 8 hook, and 9 hook versions in neon colors and fun patterns.

If your daughter wants to categorize her awards try Liztards “Level” or “Event” displays!

I’d love to hear how you display your child’s prized decor! Happy Hanging!