How to Perform a Good Home Full Body Workout
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How to Perform a Good Home Full Body Workout

Performing a good home full-body workout can be challenging. But with dedication and consistency, a thorough home exercise routine can yield surprising outcomes.

Don’t be discouraged by the underlying hurdles; these exercises offer a strong groundwork to start your wellness journey. By dedicating yourself to these exercises, you can gradually improve your strength, flexibility, and overall health in the privacy of your own home.

If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some exercises you can try: Rowing, Hip abductions, and Lunge variations.

Preparations to Make

Before, moving on to exercises, let us first understand some of the key preparations, you will need to make before starting workouts.

  • Designate Space: A suitable area in your home will be the one with enough room to move freely. It should be free of any obstacles or clutter to avoid accidents and make the workout space comfortable.
  • Equipment Check: Determine the exercises you plan to do and gather any necessary equipment, such as dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga mats, stability balls, or other fitness gear. Ensure they are in good condition and easily accessible.
  • Right Clothing: Making right choice of clothing is essential to ensure comfort throughout your routine. There are various wear options available, including sweatpants designed to keep you feeling dry and provide the required flexibility during your workouts.


Dedicated young man doing chin-ups at park in rainy weather Three-quarter front view of Caucasian man in white t-shirt, black shorts and shoes, strengthening upper back, arm, and abdominal muscles during weekend workout. Pull-ups stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Pull-ups are a great full body workout that will require your upper body to exert maximum effort. Beginners should start by performing a few reps at a time and gradually work up to a full pull-up. Beginners should start by holding a dead hang or a bar to learn how to hold the body weight.

You can also do band-assisted pull-ups to strengthen your back muscles. You can also try different variations of these exercises to build up your strength.

For example, try doing one pull-up with your foot and knee inside a large looped resistance band.

Lunge variations

Lunges are a great exercise for building strength and toning the lower body. There are several variations of the lunge, each of which targets a different muscle group.

Lunges should be performed two to four times a week, with rest between sets, for best results. However, it’s important to consult with a doctor before beginning a lunge routine.

In reverse lunges, you can add weights to counterbalance the movements. Place weights on one foot, while the other foot remains on the ground. Then, step the foot of the opposite leg forward, next to the other. Continue in this way until the front leg is parallel to the ground.

Sporty attractive girls are doing stretching exercises forward bending head to knee position while sitting on colorful yoga mats in light wellness studio. Sporty attractive girls are doing stretching exercises forward bending head to knee position together while sitting on colorful yoga mats in light wellness studio. Lunge variations stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Hip abductions

The abductor muscles of the hips are important for stabilizing the body. To strengthen these muscles, perform exercises similar to the side plank.

When you do this type of exercise, you will strengthen your hip muscles and increase your range of motion. You should be able to complete at least three sets of ten reps.

To perform hip abductions, you will need a yoga mat or other cushion between yourself and the floor.

Once you have positioned yourself on a soft surface, lie down on your back, palms facing each other, and knees bent at a 90 degree angle. With your legs bent, lift the left leg to the side and lock your elbows.

Fitness woman stretching legs doing pilates leg stretches exercises Fitness woman stretching legs doing pilates leg stretches exercises in outdoor gym. Asian athlete exercising abductor hip flexor muscle in buttocks to relieve sports pain. Hip abductions stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


Rowing is a full body workout that is effective for toning the entire body. The basic motion is to pull the boat forward as quickly as you can. You should also aim to maintain a steady and smooth stroke.

A good target stroke rate is between 22 and 26 SPM. You can increase the intensity of your workout as you become more proficient. Rowing is great for people of all fitness levels.

Larysa DiDio’s 3-day full body workout

Larysa DiDio, a celebrity fitness instructor and writer, has created a three-day home full-body workout that takes ten minutes a day to complete.

The workout focuses on compound exercises to challenge balance and coordination. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete, but requires a dedicated effort on your part.