Every gymnast, at some point in her life, begs for a gymnastics birthday party. The trick is turning your house into a gym or sprucing up the local gymnastics club. If you haven’t fulfilled your daughter’s dream of celebrating her birth and her sport together (or if she’s begging for a round two) the challenge just got a whole lot easier!

Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas | Why we love what Anders Ruff did!

Adria Ruff, one of the designers of Anders Ruff Custom Designs hosted a gymnastics themed birthday party for her daughter! Why is this such great news for gym moms (or coaches hosting a team party)? It means the talented party planner did all of the work for us!

Score cards for Gymnastics Birthday Party!

The Anders Ruff party included colorful gymnastics-themed printables (available here), fantastic party favor ideas (read about them here) and creative guest activities, making the event a perfect 10.0. Pictured above are the score cards Anders Ruff created for the “birthday meet” (learn how it works here).

Gymnastics Birthday Party | Decor, favors, cake toppers and more!

Adria incorporated traditional gymnastics meet elements like ribbons, trophies, and medals, but in a fun and vibrant color pallet. My favorite? The ribbon banner. There is a close-up picture on her blog that really shows off it’s sparkle!

The perfect gymnastics birthday party!

Of course the most obvious place to host a gymnastics party is at your local gym. Most clubs provide coach instructed activities, monitored play time, and a party space for cake and presents. But if you’re looking to save money, Adria shows us that an at-home gymnastics party can also be a success! If you don’t already own practice mats or a balance beam, the equipment can double as the perfect gift and party activity!

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