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Raise your hand if . . .
You are a parent who feels overwhelmed by the gymnastics world or underwhelmed by the information provided. You are seeking tools for an enjoyable gymnastics journey. You are on the hunt for fun products and literature to enhance your athlete’s increasing love for gymnastics.

Hands down. You’re in the right place!

Now that we’ve got YOU tagged, let’s talk about ME.
(Don’t worry. It will be quick and we’ll get back to you again.)


For the past 30 years my second home has been the gym . . . we’re talking gymnastics gym. No body builder here.

At least half of those 30 years in the gym have included the role of coach. I have coached babies in parent-tot, teens in optional levels, several TOPs National Team Members, and everything in between.

My most recent years in the gym have included mothering my own gymnasts. Did I mention I’m also married to a full-time gymnastics coach? He’s pretty good. Nah, he’s really good.

I’ve spent a lot of my career answering parent questions about gymnastics. In 2013 I decided to take my experiences and insight to the world-wide web and Gym Gab was born. I am a private person and this puts me way outside of my comfort zone, so keep reading to find out why I think it’s worth it.