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In honor of meet season I’m sharing my three favorite things about competitions and introducing you to TumbleTally – a sponsor of Gym Gab as well as a fabulous tool to assist you in your score tracking efforts this year!

Three things I LOVE about Meet Season

(1) Singing the National Anthem –  all too rarely do I reflect on the privilege of living in a country with so many protected freedoms. I am thankful for an opportunity to express gratitude before each competition.

(2) Athlete “sparkle” – the atmosphere of a meet often exposes a little extra “sparkle” in athletes . . . a smile, a chin pop, or a slightly bigger tumbling pass that isn’t revealed in everyday workout.

(3) Analyzing Results – call us crazy, but my husband and I scour over results after every meet. We look for progress. We note athlete’s milestones, high all-arounds, and determine where our team may need improvement. We look at what event had the highest team and individual scores. We also compare results from previous seasons and set goals based on where we stand. Usually it’s just the two of us, some dessert, and a bunch of papers. This year, we’ve invited one more to our slightly obsessive ritual – TumbleTally.

Tumble Tally Gymnastics Meet Score Tracker | Gym Gab

How TumbleTally Came to Be

TumbleTally was designed in 2010 by a software developer – gym dad who after years of sitting on the bleachers at meets decided there should be a more efficient way to track his daughter’s scores than by flipping between his phone’s notepad and calculator. He searched for a score tracking app for his android, but found nothing. Several months later, TumbleTally was born.  The final touch was the girl and boy icon, drawn by his then 12-year old daughter, Elisabeth.

Since then, 21 app updates have been completed incorporating feedback and ideas from parents, coaches, and current users. Word of the user friendly app spread fast and parents started requesting an iPhone version. TumbleTally 2.0 for iOS hit the App Store at the end of 2013.

Today, TumbleTally 2.0 is available on Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets, on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch,  and on the Amazon Store for Android phones and tablets, including all Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and the Fire Phone.

Here’s what TumbleTally tracks – gymnast’s scores and placings at each meet and data for each season. Gymnasts are grouped by level and age. Team scores are reported within designated levels and display contributing gymnasts and scores. Also included are meet comparisons, score averages and high scores on each event and in the all around. A built-in data screen allows you to share/backup and import/restore databases.

TumbleTally for Parents

It’s important for gymnasts to compete against themselves (shoot for higher scores than the previous meet) and not always depend on awards to feel accomplished. TumbleTally allows for easy charting and a simple line-graph visual to track improvement from meet to meet and season to season. 

It may be tempting to use TumbleTally’s multiple athlete function to chart every athlete your daughter competes against – but try to refrain as this defeats the beauty of competing against one’s self. Rather, root for your child’s teammates and if you track their scores, do it for the team score!

TumbleTally for Coaches

Meet results are often posted online, but rarely do all of our meets end up on the same site. TumbleTally provides continued score tracking in one spot, for the athletes that matter most to us – our athletes!

I use TumbleTally to assist me in a rewards program for my young gymnasts. My athletes are highly motivated by their team sticker chart – a poster that results in a party once completed. Gymnasts earn stickers in a variety of ways including beating season high scores on each event and in the all around. This is where TumbleTally has replaced hard copy results – printed, highlighted, and filed. Now I simply pull out my phone and have all the information needed at my fingertips.

Interested in getting TumbleTally for you phone or tablet? Download Here!


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What’s your favorite things about Meet Season? Comment below, even if it happens to be the nachos from the concession stand!





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