TOPs Gymnastics State Testing

TOPs (Talented Opportunity Program) State Testing will be finished as of July 31st. That means less than two weeks of testing left and then the waiting for the cut-off score begins! New to the TOPs gymnastics program? Wondering what a cut-off score means? Wondering what happens next? Let’s gab about it! Here are the basics . . .

Tops Gymnastics Testing


How Many Athletes are testing?

Approximately 2,000 – 3,000 athletes across the country will test in the TOPs gymnastics program this year. Athletes are divided into 7, 8, 9, & 10 year old age groups (determined by their age as of December 31st, 2014).

What is being tested?

All gymnasts (ages 7-10) are tested on Physical Abilities (Rope Climb, Press Handstands, Leg Lifts, Handstand Hold, Casts, and Flexibility/Holds). Gymnasts (ages 8-10) will also be tested on three Skill Sets (Bars, Beam, & Floor).

How does the scoring system work?

Each Physical Ability is worth 10 points, except flexibility/holds which are a combined total of 12 points. A perfect score for Physical Abilities is 62. Each Skill Routine is worth 24 Points for a combined total of 72 points. A 7 year-old’s overall score is a total of all points awarded during the Physical Ability testing. A perfect score for a 7 year old is 62 points. An 8-10 year old’s overall score is the combined score of their Physical Abilities (weighted 40%) and their Skill Routines (weighted 60%). A perfect score for an 8-1o year old athlete is 100 points.

TOPs National Testing Information|My gymnasts at National Testing in 2013 with Valeri Liukin|

What is done with the scores after testing?

All scores are sent to the National Office and ranked within each age group. If a gymnast tests multiple times they will be awarded their highest score and ranked accordingly. After all athletes are tested (July 31st) and scores are sent to the National Office, a cut-off score will be determined by the 100th place gymnast’s score in each age category (8-10). The top 100 athletes from each age group will qualify to compete at TOPs National Testing in October. The Top 50 7-year-olds will be named part of the TOPs Diamond Team and be rewarded a TOPs official jacket and qualify their coach to attend National Testing.

Top 100 10 year olds make National Testing
Top 100 9 year olds make National Testing
Top 100 8 year olds make National Testing
Top 50 7 year olds make Diamond Team

Hope this information helps! Let me know if you have any other TOPs gymnastics related questions. You can also find more info on my previous TOPS Gymnastics 101 Post!

Good Luck!

28 Responses to “TOPs Gymnastics State Testing”

  1. MaryLiz

    Is the TOPs program really meant for kids who are aiming for elite track, or do kids in JO programs do TOPs too? I don’t think any of the gyms in our state offer TOPs. It sounds like an awesome program though! Thanks!

    • Makenna

      Good question! TOPs is designed to prepare kids for Elite testing but it is not exclusive for those aiming to be an elite. Most (if not all) gymnasts training TOPs are also competing in the JO program. With that being said, TOPs training is not necessary for most competitive gymnasts. It’s a wonderful program for the right kid, but can be overwhelming for others.

      Here is a link to a list of TOPs State Managers if you have questions specific to your area:

      Hope this helps!

  2. Bonita

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  3. Nicole

    Can my daughter by tested for tops in the spring 2015 if she won’t be 7 yo until Jan 2015? Thank you!

  4. VA gym dad

    Hello. My daughter is 6 1/2 and just began training TOPS to test as a 7 year old next summer. I’m curious. Do you have any idea the approximate number of 7 year olds that typically test each year? Many thanks!

  5. Don Biggs

    Hi. I really enjoy your site. I’m wondering approximately how many 7 yr olds test each year. Just curious. Thanks!

    • Gym Gab

      Good question! So far 100 seven year olds have tested this Summer. There are still two more weeks of testing, allowing for more participants.

      • MidWest Gym Mom

        Do you know how many ten year olds have tested this summer (2015)?

  6. Jennifer

    Hi there! Finally found a good site!
    I found an old 2010 list but curious how do you know/find averge scores from last year? We have a new coach, don’t really get that much info!

  7. monica pederson

    My daughter just tested for her first time yesterday. She is 9 years old. Any idea how many 9 year Olds competed??? Just curious as to what her odds are. Thanks!!!

  8. OH gym mom

    Any idea when the official cut off scores come out and where is the information posted? My daughter tested as a 7 year old this year and we still haven’t received her last score.

      • Jackie

        Hi Can you tell me if someone makes the top 100 in one of the age groups goes to the National testing what happens after that? How many make the team? What does making the team consist of? Thanks

        • Gym Gab

          The top 50 girls (including all age groups) will make A Camp (attend a camp in December will all expenses paid). The next 50 scores will make B Camp (attend a camp in December – gymnasts responsible for expenses). Hope that answers your questions.

  9. Nicole

    I saw the link for the 8,9,10yr old qualifiers. Do you know where to find the list of names for the 7yr old diamond qualifiers?

  10. Lynn

    Is there such a thing as waitlist on the TOPs qualifier? If so, what does that mean? How many are on the waitlist and do they even have a chance to test at the national?

  11. Lynn

    Is there a waitlist on the TOPS qualifier? If so, what does it mean? Are they ranked separately and do they get a chance at all to test at the National testing?

  12. Sharon Gregory

    My daughter switched to a new gym , they asked to put her in tops , she tested she only had 2 1/2 months to train , tested , but did not make it , proud of her any way she is 9 , she turns 10 nov. so ages out , what next for her ? She still is in tops program and does extra training . Where does this lead , we are all new to this and is confusing .shes sad but just wanted to keep her spirits up .

  13. Timna

    This was great information!

    How long does it typically take for a child age 7 to master the skills for age 8 testing in summer 2016?

    Is it a weekly training all year or a few months before testing?


  14. Mckenzie

    If my daughter turns 7 on December 15th 2015, what age level will she be tested at in summer of 2016 for Tops?

    • Gym Gab

      She will test as an 8 year old. The easiest way to determine what age TOPS athletes are testing is to subtract the gymnast’s birth year from the testing year. Example 2016-2008 = 8.


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