Toddler Team Warm-Up

When I was pregnant with our first, predictions of our unborn child’s natural gymnastics ability made me ill. With two gymnasts as parents, people believed a knack for the sport was inevitable. I however, worried that the mounting pressure to be a gymnast would be unhealthy for our daughter. “She may not even like the sport!” I would protest.

Now it has been over three years since the birth of our sweet little one. I must report . . . she LOVES gymnastics. We first realized her interest when her toddles developed into more purposeful movement. Although, to an untrained eye, it seemed her spastic motions were just playful romping, we recognized the consistent patterns of the National Team Warm-up. Our one-year old was mimicking the routine she studied our gymnasts performing each day. At age two, she insisted on joining the ranks. She may decide to choose a different passion down the road, and that freedom will be hers, but for now we are thrilled that she whole-heartedly believes she is part of the team! Here she is last year, leo, leg warmers, diaper and all.

Want the leg warmer look for your young gymnast? Leg warmers are not only cute, but great accessory to keep bodies warm as the gym cools down this fall.

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2 Responses to “Toddler Team Warm-Up”

  1. Melissa

    Oh my! She is so cute!! And has quite the attention span and an eye for detail!! :)

    -Melissa, Brenna’s mom


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