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The fundraisers listed below require a bit more planning and man-power than the ideas shared in my EASY FUNDRAISERS FOR BOOSTER CLUBS post, but with a little creativity they can result in huge fundraising success. 1. TEAM GARAGE SALE WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS FUNDRAISER: A great way to get rid of unwanted things and contribute to fundraising… Read more »

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Giveaway

The Holidays are much more fun when all the shopping is finally done. Gym Gab is kicking off gift-hunting season with a fantastic giveaway. Over  two-hundred-and-fifty dollars worth of gymnastics gifts will find their way into one lucky gymnast’s stocking this year! //VISIT GYM GAB’S FACEBOOK PAGE TO ENTER//   What’s included: 1. $50 Leotard Giftcard | Destira Leotards 2. Gymnastics Grip Bag… Read more »

Aly Raisman: Then and Now

Gym Gab is excited to present a five-day series featuring each member of the Fierce Five. Today we take a look at Aly Riasman and why she was so important on the U.S. team in 2012, as well as where she is now. Find other Fierce Five member’s “then and now” links below. Photography | Christy Ann Linder Aly Raisman Then Aly Raisman first… Read more »

The Fierce Five: Then and Now

Can it really be more than two years ago that the “Fierce Five” became a household term in gymnastics? The London Olympic Games were just the beginning of the adventures of Gabrielle Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber and Aly Raisman, who have done everything from Dancing with the Stars to the Macy’s Thanksgiving… Read more »

Girls don’t have upper body strength. Ha!

When I (Jessie) was in my teens, I was able to go to “boot camp” for a youth conference where we were given the opportunity to go through some of the macho drills and obstacle courses the armed forces train on. Since I was a gymnast and took pride in my hard-earned strength, I couldn’t… Read more »

10 Life Hacks for Sore Muscles

If you’re a gymnast or a parent to one, surely you’d agree that gymnastics is full of great workouts and sore muscles afterward.  We, at Gym Gab, aren’t physicians, but we are definitely active individuals and have coached many athletes, so we are certainly familiar with muscles and muscles being sore.  Because of this, we thought you’d… Read more »

Meet Season Good To Knows

It’s time for some Junior Olympic Meet Season Facts! Here are simple answers to common questions we heard in the stands this year. Please note that our answers apply to the Women’s JO levels 1-10. Although some information may apply to the Xcel program as well, we will provide more detailed information for that program in… Read more »

National Gymnastics Day!

This Saturday, September 21st, gyms across the country will be celebrating National Gymnastics Day! This is a great opportunity to learn more about the sport of gymnastics and the healthy benefits that gymnastics fosters, while having a lot of fun. Many clubs are inviting the public to join the festivities with activities, games, fitness zones,… Read more »

When, Why, How: Gymnastics for Kids

I’ve had the pleasure of answering the When, the Why and the How of gymnastics for kids, to hundreds of parents. I wear my coaching shirt in public way too often! If we haven’t bumped into each other yet, this post is for you. Photo | AmyLynn Studios When Should Kids Start Gymnastics? If you… Read more »

Back Handspring Tips

What are appropriate avenues to learning a back handspring? First, let’s start with the inappropriate – trying it at home. All too often, fear and injury are a result of kids “working” their back handspring outside of the gym. Here are safer alternatives: #1: Back Handspring Clinic Many gyms provide weekly or monthly opportunities for… Read more »