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(Keep It Simple) Gymnastics Party @ The Gym

At our house we host Birthday Parties every other year. That means, every other year we get to trade the invites, balloons, themed-decor, and outside venue, for a blissful, family outing to celebrate the birth of our daughter. Really, this approach would be an every-year tradition if our girls didn’t insist there was an actual “need” for friend parties. Last year, was party year. The goal?… Read more »

Gymnastics Pumpkins!

In honor of the 1st day of October and all things spooky, we’re bringing back Makenna’s gymnastics pumpkins. You can find “how-to” directions listed below for ideas on how to make your own gymnastics-themed pumpkin! Got the creative bug? Send us a picture. We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated gymnastics into this Halloween season! Photos | Chelsey… Read more »

Throw a 10.0 Gymnastics Birthday Party!

Every gymnast at some point in her life begs for a gymnastics birthday party. The trick is turning your house into a gym or sprucing up the local gymnastics club. If you haven’t fulfilled your daughter’s dream of celebrating her birth and her sport together (or if she’s begging for a round two) the challenge just got a whole lot easier!… Read more »