Silhouette Pumpkins

Gymnastics pumpkins | Gym Gab

Life is always busy. But, last week I decided to crumple up the “to-do” list, leave the laundry in the hampers, ignore my dirty floors, and focus some attention on pumpkins! I had three goals: 1) ditch the classic jack-o-lantern approach – knives and preschoolers are not the best combo, 2) incorporate gymnastics – of course, 3) keep it simple – i’m only moderately crafty and I wanted my daughter to get involved. I am proud to share: Mission accomplished!

gymnastics pumpkins | Gym Gab

The trick to all three designs, is GRAPHITE PAPER. (1) Choose a gymnastics silhouette or picture on the internet or a photo of your daughter. (2) resize the image to fit your pumpkin. (3) Either trace the image from directly from your computer by taping a piece of paper onto the computer screen OR print the image. (4) tape a piece of graphite paper onto the back of your image. (5) tape both pieces of paper onto the pumpkin and trace the image. When done, you will be able to see the silhouette of a gymnast on your pumpkin. The next steps are different for each pumpkin. You can find the “how-to” directions below.

painted gymnastics pumpkin | Gym Gab
1. After you have a silhouette on your pumpkin (see above), trace the lines with a paint pen.
2. Fill in the silhouette with acrylic paint.
3. Take a wet paintbrush to clean-up the edges.
nail & string gymnastics pumpkin | Gym Gab
Nail & String Pumpkin:
1. After you have a silhouette on your pumpkin (see above), push or hammer nails into the penciled lines on your pumpkin. Nails should be close together, but not touching. You want enough room to wrap thread around the nail.
2. Tie the end of your thread to a nail (I used a waxed thread. You can also use crochet thread or string). I bought 25 yards and used about two-thirds of it.
3. Start wrapping the thread around the nails in no particular order or pattern.
4. Use a paint pen to color the nail heads to match the string.
gemstone gymnastics pumpkin | Gym Gab
Rhinestone Pumpkin:
1. Spry paint your pumpkin white.
2. Follow the steps listed above to add a silhouette to your pumpkin (do not tape paper on pumpkin – it will pull the paint off).
3. Place self-adhesive rhinestone on the outline of your image. (I found mine at Hobby Lobby).
4. For some added bling, put rhinestones on the pumpkin’s stem.
5. Spray the pumpkin with Spray Adhesive.
6. Sprinkle glitter on the pumpkin. You can use a paintbrush to brush off any excess glitter.

Have fun designing your own gymnastics pumpkins!


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