Sanitize for Sanity

Last month, I (Jessie) took my tiny one in for her 18 month well-visit with her pediatrician only to discover she had massive double ear infections! Wow. Mom of the year. We had all had our taste of the post-holiday season cough/cold bug over the last few weeks, so I knew we had come up against bugs…but I thought I had done a pretty good job of getting us through it. Obviously, my BABY had done a pretty good job of getting through it if she was still pretty happy (though, in retrospect, pretty clingy) throughout two big ear infections!

Anyway, even though I have a good collection of ideas, I felt like it was worth the effort to ask the pediatrician what he thought were the best ways to avoid so many bugs all winter long. His answers?

#1: Stay away from nursery/daycare as often and best as you can. He said that families who have little ones around a bunch of other little ones have a much higher rate of whole-family sicknesses. He suggested that if it is necessary for the little ones to go to these places, to take their own toys that they’d most likely want to touch the most, and to wash and sanitize hands before letting them eat and the minute you pick them up.

These seemed like great, but obvious suggestions, but his second one was one that I hadn’t thought of:

#2: Most people think to wash and sanitize hands the minute they get home, but we often forget that the CAR is the first place we touch before getting home. The car is a much smaller area where bugs and germs can fester without us realizing it! Pull out the sanitizer before getting into the CAR.

As gymnasts, your children will be touching many pieces of equipment that other children have touched! With limited clothing and LOTS of rolling around, it is likely that germs will cartwheel onto your children every time they enter the gym! It sounds easy to just tell them not to touch things, but as you well know, gymnastics is all about swinging and bouncing and balancing on equipment meant for the whole gym to share.

So, instead of flipping out over them touching the equipment, remind them to avoid touching their faces during practice, to wash between events, and then to wash and sanitize before getting into your car!

Do it! It is the Doctor’s Order!

Gymnastics Car Kit - the essentials | Gym Gab

1. Baby Wipes | To wipe the chalk off! | For wipes that are easy on the skin, check out The Honest Co. Travel Packs.

2. Healthy Snack | To put energy in before/after workout (energy out). | Learn more about Clif Bar ZBars nutrition for kids.

3. Sanitizer | To rid your child of gym-germs. | We love the scents of Bath & Body Works PocketBac sanitizing collection.

4. Lotion | To hydrate dry-chalky skin. | Eucerin is a trusted brand in our homes.

5. Carabiner and Hair Ties | To keep track of rubber bands pre/post gym hair. | We love this aqua carabiner and No-Slip Grip rubber bands.

6. Water Bottle | To hydrate the active body. | Try this kid-sized, pop-top, stainless steel, Namaste water bottle.

7. Small Bag | To store all your stuff in. | We are still obsessed with Paper Nook’s personalized cotton, drawstring  bags for only 4.50!


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