Crazy World Records

Victory Gymnastics Academy in San Diego, California, set 7 new world records at their National Gymnastics Day celebration on September 21st. They are now ready for some friendly competition! Victory’s creative world records were set through Record Setter is a website that was launched in 2011. It’s mission is “to raise the bar of human achievement through world records.” I believe their secret mission is to have a lot of fun and there is no shame in that!

Click on the links below for details, rules, and footage of the fun Victory Gymnastics had making their own world records.

Most Muscle-Up Exercises While Wearing Snorkeling Mask And Fins | record set: 10
Most Fly-Aways On A Single Bar In One Minute | record set: 31
Most Webster Front Flips in 30 Seconds | record set: 12
Most Standing Back Flips Performed In A Roll-Off In 60 Sec. | record set: 133
Most Flash Kicks Hitting A Pool Noodle In 20 Seconds | record set: 9
Most People To Simultaneously Hold A Handstand for 30 sec. | record set: 12
Most Foam stuffed in a Onesie while doing a Double-Double on TT into a Pit | record set: 10

Notice the big red “Break It” button on the website for each record? . . . the ball’s in your court. But before you get out your snorkeling gear or hunt for a large onesie to stuff with foam, evaluate which records you, your gymnast or your team can attempt safely!

Do you have your own fantastic world record brewing in your brain? Then, do it! Victory Gymnastics thinks it could be extremely fun to have a friendly rivalry where gymnastics skills are featured in world record attempts. What an exciting idea to spice up Open Gym, Team Parties, Gym Shows, or even Fundraisers! Don’t forget to share your fun with Gym Gab!

Record Setter’s rules:
(1) record must be quantifiable
(2) record must be breakable
(3) record must include sufficient media evidence
Creativity is highly encouraged!

Here are some other records your gymnast might be interested in breaking!

Longest Handstand On A Gymnastics Balance Beam | current record: 1 min. 25.19 seconds
Largest Human Pyramid Assembled in 15 Seconds | current record: 18 people
Most Tandem Double-Leg Circles On A Pommel Horse | current record:  15 circles

Good Luck!

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