It’s “Gym Show” season! Gym Show’s are an opportunity for students to show-off the hard work and cool tricks they learned during the Summer to friends and family. At my home gym, participants usually receive a trophy. It may be tempting to hide the gold plastic award in your child’s closet, but trophies deserve a spot where they can be admired! A little spray paint can transform any trophy and allow it to enhance the style and color pallet of a room. Here are some trophies we did for my little girl’s room.

Painted Gymnastics Trophies | DIY | Gym Gab

8 Responses to “PAINTED TROPHIES”

  1. Dawn Hoeft Anderson

    Very cute!! Especially for the trophies they earn when younger that they “grow out of”! :) I see tons of trophies at the gyms as decor, but wish they would pass them on to the girls via “raffle” after the Seasons are over (they earned them!) vs. collecting dust on high shelves, since they usually only get medals now. This would look awesome for those larger ones! :)

  2. marina

    Mind me asking- what paint did you use ? I’m willing to try to replicate it and give it to my little gymnast as a Christmas present … best regards


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