Meet Jessie From Gym Gab | gymgabblog.comWell Hello! My name is Jessie and I am joining this team because Makenna is generous enough to think that I would make a good sidekick in this GymGab adventure. I live for adventure and since most of my life has been lived for gymnastics, it just seems so fitting. As a once-obsessed gymnast turned dancer turned gymnastics coach turned Mama to little gymnasts, I have quite the history of being in the gym, being with children, and finding ways to make myself work harder than I ever did as a gymnast (what a concept, right?!). I’m excited to work hard on this blog with Makenna! With my degree of Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Utah, my years of coaching club gymnastics and tumbling in multiple dance studios, being a personal and group fitness instructor, writing for several local magazines, along with working crazy hard to be a good mama (not there yet–but trying) to my pretty excellent kiddos, I hope that I will make a good, if not pretty excellent sidekick to Makenna…who I think is pretty excellent herself! Here’s to the adventures ahead! There are sure to be many!


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  1. Makenna

    I’m excited to turn this one-women gig into a team! And I can’t think of a person more fit for the job. So glad you are always up for an adventure and willing to rearrange your already full plate. Welcome!


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