You’d think that with all the coaching, blogging, and taking-our-kids-to-gymnastics-ing we do, we’d get tired of hearing about and finding new exciting gymnastics-related things in our lives. Well, that’s simply not the case!!! Through our endless adventures in instagram-land, we discovered little Miss Baylie who we thought you’d all love to meet as well!

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Meet Baylie, our first gymnast we’d like to spotlight in our Summer Spotlight Series!


You can follow Baylie on instagram(@bayliethegymnast) where she has over 8,000 followers to date (though some unnecessary and insensitive comments can pop up here and there), her family feels like the support from other awesome gymnasts and fans has been a really positive experience. Our favorite recent pic she has shared? Baylie biting her gold medal like Gabby Douglas! 

Baylie started gymnastics “at the itty bitty age of 3” (as her mom says),  she learned her cartwheel from household lessons from her older sister and then quickly taught herself all kinds of great skills by simply observing the older girls in her gym. Quickly advancing through the levels, it became apparent that this little sprite was going to be one to watch!

When we asked what her parents’ favorite thing to watch Baylie do was, her mom said enthusiastically, “I was sooo excited when she got her kip–especially since she was the youngest on her team. It wasn’t the BEST, but she got it!”

Baylie has just finished competing in her first year of competitions winning several first place trophies along with a handful of other medals! “My proudest ‘gym mom’ moment was her very first competitive meet.” Her mom tells us, “About 15 family members attended. We all thought she did a good job but we weren’t prepared for what was to come at the award ceremony! When they called her name for first place All Around out of about 20 six and seven year olds, our entire family jumped to our feet! We were yelling and high fiving and my husband and I were jumping up and down and hugging! I even had a few tears come down my face! Miss Baylie,” she goes on, “Oh, if you could have seen her; she had the biggest, biggest smile on her face! That was a moment that I will never forget. We were so proud of her and that was one of the proudest moments in the world for us.”

Currently, Baylie trains 9 to 10 hours a week between her level 3 (soon to be level 4) practices and private lessons as well as taking some dancing/stretching advice from her Uncle Oscar who was once a performer on the esteemed Cirque Du Soleil’s “Mystere” stage and is now the Artistic Director for a ballet company. Lucky girl!


“My favorite gymnast? Myself and Gabby Douglas.”

Baylie has a fabulous support system which we’ve come to love as we’ve seen pictures of family and friends don matching shirts at her competitions. Baylie loves her coaches and their unique way of encouraging her and keeping her on track. She hopes to become much like her favorite gymnast Gabby Douglas and/or open her own gym (which she’s decided she’ll name THE BAYLIE EXPERIENCE!”) and until then, she continues to practice hard, be inspired by Gym Gab, and do all those “skills that typical 6 year olds can’t do.” Her mom tells us, “This is truly her passion” and even though Baylie doesn’t particularly love running during conditioning exercises she still loves the rest of gymnastics endlessly.

The supportive momma of Baylie, Nicole, also shared with us some things she has learned about being a gym-mom thus far and we think it’s great advice for any gym parent,  “Enjoy these moments, take plenty of pictures, ask questions when you don’t understand something, and let the coaches do their jobs.”

We just love watching Miss Baylie grow in talent and in personality and wish the best for her, her family, and her gymnastics experience!

If you feel like you have a gymnast worth spotlighting on Gym Gab, let us know HERE.

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  1. Nicole H. (Baylie's mom)

    What an awesome article about little Miss Baylie!!! We truly thank u for featuring her…I hope that every little girl that may read this is inspired!! Thank u again!!


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