The cartwheel is the most commonly requested trick when people find out your kid is in gymnastics (says experience). Luckily, it’s a skill your little one can practice at home and safely show off! Below are some great descriptions on how to do a cartwheel step by step to help your gymnast master the coveted trick! But, before you start sharing these cartwheel ideas with your kiddo, read the ever-so-important disclaimers!

Disclaimer #1: make sure practicing is YOUR CHILD’S choice. Using gymnastics at home as a chore or assignment, is a quick way to ruin the sport for your child.

Disclaimer #2: most skills are not appropriate to practice at home, please don’t take the liberty of applying the “practice @ home” idea to other tricks. I will provide ideas for safe skills only.

Disclaimer #3: make sure your child is practicing in an open area, and on a soft surface.

| how to do a cartwheel step by step |

How to do a cartwheel step by step | First Steps of Learning a Cartwheel | Gym Gab
Step 1:
Choose an object such as a mat {purchase here} or couch cushion.
Step 2: Stand on one side of the object.
Step 3: Place hands on the object (sideways -perpendicular to hips).
Step 4: Hop feet over to the other side.

(Notice which direction your child naturally places their hands – if they point their fingers to the right, they are most likely a right-footed cartwheeler. If they usually point their fingers to the left, they are probably a left-footed cartwheeler.)

How to do a cartwheel step by step | Tricks to Learning a Cartwheel | Gym Gab
Step 1: Place a sticker or stamp on your child’s preferred starting leg (see above).
Step 2: Place the sticker foot in front.
Step 3: Reach hands in the sideways position (explained above) and kick feet over.
Step 4: Finish with the sticker foot behind! Gymnast should look for their feet as they land to see if the sticker “disappeared” (starting foot should land behind).

How to do a cartwheel step by step | Perfecting the Cartwheel | Gym Gab
Step 1: Place a masking tape line on your carpet or use a Cartwheel Mat {purchase here } or Floor Beam {Folding Floor BeamNastia Foam Beam}.
Step 2: Stand on the line (Sticker foot in front).
Step 3: One at a time, reach hands onto the line.
Step 4: Land with both feet on the line (one at a time with sticker foot in back).

Is your child ready for the next step? Purchase great low beams here. I don’t recommend anything higher for the  home.

Photos | Chelsey Searle Photography


  1. Rhonda Martin

    I teach both preschool and school-age gymnastics and regularly use the sticker method. It is very helpful.
    Another version using stickers: place a blue sticker on the child’s left foot and an orange sticker on their right foot. Then place 2 strips of blue tape in front of the child, sllightly to the left and facing left and 2 strips of orange duct tape, in front of the child, slightly to the right, facing right. Instruct the child to stand in a lunge (arms up, one foot forward, bent knee, back leg straight). Then instruct them to look and see what color sticker is on the front foot. If the front foot has an orange sticker, bring hands down to the orange tape and jump around, landing facing the opposite direction. If the front foot is blue, bring hands down to the blue tape, and jump around, landing facing the opposite direction.
    After this is mastered, advise the child to lift back leg as they brings hands down, then jump, leading with back leg/foot.

  2. Pinkie Pie

    OMG no matter what I try I can’t do a cartwheel! I need help to keep my legs straight in the air though…

  3. Gunda

    Whatever I try I just can’t do it and mom is yelling at me :”push your foot over ” waaa somebody help me !

  4. Becka

    Thanks so much for this I’ve been trying to help my daughter and my methods haven’t worked… I can’t wait until we can practice this way

  5. Kristina Parker

    I would like to thank you for putting this sticker idea out for all to see. I am a Youth Cheer, Stunt, and Dance Coach. I have been introducing basics for tumbling and this Sticker Idea was awesome. Its is unbelievable to think something so minor can make a huge difference in how these girls tumble. THANK YOU!!!

  6. princess kitty kitty

    My little toddler princess wouldn’t keep the sticker on so i used a sock with a kitty on it so she could look for the kitty kitty.


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