A Lesson from Russia



Years ago, my (Jessie) hubby was able to spend two years in Russia learning their language, culture, and the best ways to serve them. So you can only imagine how much more we are excited about the Olympics with them being in the place he holds dear to his heart!

When my husband got back from Russia, he told me all about how wonderful his experience was and made me memorize two Russian phrases that were particularly distinct and important to him:

The first one was Я люблю тебя pronounced (YAH-loo-BLUE tib-YAH) which means, “I love you,” and the other was повторение мать учения pronounced (Poff-DEH-wren-YAH MOTT-ooch-EHN-yah) which means, “Repetition is the mother of learning” or in other words, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT.”

RussiantoEnglish-(dj)As we watch the 2014 Winter Olympics that are going on over in Sochi, Russia, we’d like to invite you and your gymnasts to memorize these Russian phrases  (in the spirit of the Olympics AND Valentine’s Day) both in Russian and in English.

Building confidence comes from loving and respecting yourself as well as those around you–and by reminding yourself that successful learning comes from loads of repetition (especially in gymnastics), you’ll be more likely to LOVE practicing things until they’re perfected! Practice makes Perfect, that’s for sure! Lets practice together!


We hope you enjoy the Olympic Winter games!

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