Why Leotards?

Today’s leotard post includes a product review of  Snowflake Designs leotards.  
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Let’s start with why I love leotards so much MORE than tanks and shorts, shall we?

First and obviously most importantly, leotards keep gymnasts safe. Leotards let gymnasts move without restriction, avoiding hazards while flipping, twisting, tumbling, or swinging – especially when being spotted! Second, leotards enhance the grace and beautiful lines gymnastics has to offer; something that can sadly disappear with the addition of shorts or display of the midsection. And third, leotards provide a unique “true-to-gymnastics” fashion statement. Anyone agree?

sfd2Photo Credit | Megan Tidwell Photography

One of my favorite hobbies at the gym is sorting our pro-shop leotards by size and color. I love the variety of leotards, styles, fabrics, prints and companies these days! I also love how leotards can be an outward representation of a gymnast’s inner-personality.


When Snowflake Designs sent us two leotards this month, the first thing that caught my attention was how different the leotards were from each other.

The first leotard (pictured above) reminded me of one of my level 9 gymnasts; confident & steady with a bit of flare. She of course fell in love with the color and detail the minute I presented it to her. I was impressed with the quality and intricate design and her teammates were envious of the “eye-catching” leotard she was chosen to wear. The only downside – I didn’t have enough for everyone to try!


The second leotard (pictured above) spoke the word “spunky” to me.  When I had one of my seven-year old TOPs testers try it on she started bouncing.  She was absolutely giddy about the vibrant colors and funky pattern! Megan (our photographer and former gymnast) coaxed this little one into holding still just long enough to snap a few photos – notice her smile? Later that day, our cutie’s mom texted me that her little firecracker planned to sleep in the leotard!


My own daughter has a few Snowflake Leotards, I purchased at a gymnastics event. But it was a trip to the Snowflake Designs website that really opened my eyes to their world of color, prints, and price points. While you’re perusing Snowflake’s leotards online, check out the Flash Leotard in white. I love white – harder to keep clean, but stunning to look at!

If you’re looking for something other than leotards, Snowflake sells an array of gymnastics shirts, pajamas, leggings, jewelry and even shorts and tanks if you’re still not convinced that leotards are the only way to go! Let me know if you find something you love!

– Makenna
Photos taken at All American Gymnastics, UT & a special thanks to Megan Tidwell Photography


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  1. alexis

    We love the fit of Snowflake leos and own 3 or 4. My level 6 daughter has worn them for years and they keep their shape, color, and stitching wash after wash.


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