Leotard Costumes

The Good News

It was a wonderful fall weekend: orange mountains, crisp air, and the gym Halloween Party! A bounce house, blow-up slides, cake walk, pumpkin bowling, pizza, open gym, and a haunted house always make for a good time, but seeing my three year-old experience the fun made this year extra special! Photos will be posted on | facebook | & | instagram | this week.

The Bad News

The trick of a gymnastics Halloween party is finding a creative costume that allows for running, jumping, and flipping. My last minute attempt was adding some butterfly wings to one of my daughter’s sparkly black leotards. Not impressed, she opted to be a cheerleader. With neither of us satisfied, I decided to do some sleuthing online.

The Good News

I found a great company called AERO leotards! Find them |here|

Halloween Costume for the Gym | Gym Gab

Add some accessories to transform these leotards into complete costumes:

Crayon | add pink leg warmers and a cone hat
Charlie Brown | add black gym shorts & Snoopy stuffed animal
Black Cat | add a tail & a black tutu
Pumpkin | add orange leg warmers & spray your hair green
Super Hero | add a cape & gloves

Style Spotting: I’ve seen some cute Gymnastics Minions on Instagram lately and decided to find this coveted costume. Found it | here | for only $24.00 with S&H!

Gymnastics Minion Costume | Arisbethleotards | Gym Gab

The Bad News

The inspiration to find these fantastic leotards may have come a bit late this year. Many gyms have already had their Halloween Parties and if not, it may be too late to order in time for your festive event.

The Good News

You can put in a rush order (for an added cost) and receive your leotard by Halloween Day. Make sure you contact the seller before banking on a timely arrival. Coaches love to see gymnasts dressed up on Halloween, but we also like them to be dressed appropriately for workout. I love these creative options that provide the best of both worlds, even if they are for next year!

4 Responses to “Leotard Costumes”

  1. Melanie Kruger

    Good Morning.,
    I am looking for a superman leotard for my 6yr old-‘child small.
    Do you stock those??

  2. Elizabeth

    I am looking for a minion leo for my daughter. Any chance you have any left for Christmas? She is an child large.


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