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Today’s post includes a product review of Flip N Fit Leotards
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My friend (a talented photographer – check out Frosted Productions) and I have been aching to capture images of our little gymnasts but our busy schedules wouldn’t allow it. When I received some fun, vibrant leotards from Flip N Fit I told my friend it was time to get the camera out!

Gym Gab Blog | Flip N Fit LeotardsPhoto Credit | Frosted Productions

The goal? To capture the world of youthful acrobatics that expands beyond the walls of the training center. To our little ones a straddle press on a log is as natural as the lady bug sitting beside them!

Gym Gab Blog

Our girlies believe a fallen tree-trunk is nature’s balancing beam, a sturdy branch is a swingable bar, and an open field is God’s invitation to dance and tumble.

Gym Gab Blog

The confidence and coordination that develops in gymnastics isn’t anything less than magical. And that magic trickles into every venue. Add bright colored flower and butterfly print leotards to the equation, and you’ve really set the stage for a wonderland.

Gym Gab Blog

Looking for a reason (besides leotards) to head over to the Flip N Fit website? How about the exclusive LOVE GYMNASTICS leggings!? I’m a fan of print on the waist instead of the bum and this design masters placement. These legging are also a favorite with my daughter who realized she can wear them not only to gym but also to preschool!

Gym Gab Blog

If your gymnast is a bit older than the two darling pictured above, don’t worry – Flip N Fit has an array of sizes and styles. They also stock 7/8 and 9/10 Long for the gymnast with a longer torso.

Fit and value keep this leotard company on my recommendation list! The comfort and leggings keep it on my daughter’s list. Hope you find something special for your gymnast to wear this fall!


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