(Keep It Simple) Gymnastics Party @ The Gym

At our house we host Birthday Parties every other year.

That means, every other year we get to trade the invites, balloons, themed-decor, and outside venue, for a blissful, family outing to celebrate the birth of our daughter. Really, this approach would be an every-year tradition if our girls didn’t insist there was an actual “need” for friend parties.

Last year, was party year. The goal?
To meet the desires of the birthday girl while keeping it simple.

Birthday Girl Desire #1: Host it at the gym
(I did a celebratory dance with this decision).

Birthday Girl Desire #2: A Frozen Cake
(as in the Disney Movie, but why not make it an ice cream cake while we’re at it).

Execution: Reserve the Gym. Order a Cake. Grab Balloons, Tablecloth & Fruit. Create Party Favors.

gymnastics party favor

Party Favors:
Mini Gatorade | Z-Bar 
Gold Medal | Cellophane Bag

My husband and I organized games to accompany “open-gym” time. Like the idea? Share it with the coach running your party or ask the coach to implement their own activities.

Foam Fight

Much like a pillow fight, giggles ensue. Create a “wall” with spotting blocks or panel mats and line foam blocks across the top. Guests split into two teams, one on each side of the wall. After the signal is given, gymnasts start throwing foam blocks to the opposite side of the mats. After a few minutes, coach calls time, and foam blocks are counted. The side with the least amount of foam, wins!

Relay Races

This is fairly self-explanatory. Bear runs, crab walk, somersaults, skipping, cartwheels, hopping, three-legged race, the possibilities are endless.

Obstacle Course

Timed or as a circuit, this is always a hit with guests. Rope swings, climbing, crawling, rolling, and jumping, allow everyone a chance to be a Ninja Warrior.

gymnastics party

Are birthday parties your thing? Does a simplified party sound like a missed opportunity?

Check out Anders Ruff
Hostess with the Mostess or
Design Dazzle
for more great ideas!

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