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Forget candy, how about an $80.00 Gift Card to Justice?

Enter by leaving a comment with the gymnastics TRICK your gymnast
was most proud of this month.

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I’ll announce the winner November 4th, good luck!

(Must be 18 or older to enter. Have Mom enter if you are too young!)

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35 Responses to “Justice Giveaway”

  1. Emily Smith Davies

    My 4 year old just learned how to do a handstand (she has been doing gymnastics for 3 months now) and has to show everyone in the neighborhood! Love her enthusiasm!!

  2. jessica

    I would say my 7 year olds favorite new trick this month is front handspring front tuck on the tumble track!

  3. Mariel Connelly

    Back walkover flick on high beam sticking it 5 times in a row w/o wobbles. And more consistently sticking it in her routine! :)

  4. Pam Turner Berry

    Kylee Berry level 8 loves to,free hip circle ,flip, swing high and learn new tricks on bars she is my little monkey!!

  5. Crystal Winger

    I don’t think there is a trick she doesn’t love! But I have heard a lot from her about her full and her double giant with the layout dismount!

  6. Katie Daivdson

    My gymnast is experiencing injuries right now and is seeing a physical therapist. I have been so proud seeing her faithfully do her exercises and stretches to better her body. She wakes up at 6:00 AM and does them by herself. I can hear her counting throughout the house. I was proud of her as she is determined to get her body healthy again.

  7. Melissa

    Brenna, level 8, is proud of her flic flic on high beam. She broke her leg the week after she got her flic flic and just had surgery to fix it. She can’t wait to get back to gym! :)

  8. Jay

    My daughter Savannah is 6 years old and loves the bars. That said, she tends to struggle with the floor. So when she came home last week and told me she can do a running round off back handspring without any help, we were so excited.

  9. Lorie Hart Jones

    Alexa is so proud of herself for finally getting her windmill. She has been working on that for a while and the last couple of times she has come home from gymnastics so proud that she made it.

  10. Brandy

    I’ve got a couple of gymnasts and they both love the bars. They like to do lots of different things on the bars. Also my older one loves doing back tucks.

  11. Nicole Taylor

    I have two daughters and they both said fly-aways on bar and front walk-overs on floor.

  12. Autumn Jensen

    Megan’s favorite trick is roundoff handspring double back into Pit, or roundoff backhandspring full into resi;)
    So excited about this blog!!

  13. Kim Miller

    Alexa is proud of herself for learning her back hip circle on bars and her floor routine.. She just started gymnastics last week and is trying to play catch up with the other team members so she is working hard to compete in Jan.. I am so proud of her!

  14. Ashley A.

    My 6 yr old daughter learned her toe circle and 3/4 giant. My 13 year old daughter learned her full.

  15. Dawn Hoeft Anderson

    Brielle made her Pirouette on bars last week!!! She was so excited to simply try it and do it right away :)

  16. Dawn Hoeft Anderson

    Trying to share on Instagram, but I can’t figure it out–Ah!!! But we’re Followers and have Liked it and commented on Instagram if that counts? Thanks for the great site!

  17. Ailis G

    My girl tried her double back into the pit! She’s not much of a daredevil so it takes her longer to ‘try.’

  18. Jemma

    My daughter just got her cast to handstand on bars! it’s her favourite skill right now!

  19. Makenna

    I love hearing the excitement you all have for your gymnast’s fun tricks! Learning a new skill is one of the most rewarding parts of the gymnastics journey. A forward roll can be just as exciting as a double back, when performed for the first time! I wish I could send you all prizes! Unfortunately, I only have one gift card. Rafflecopter has randomly selected Melissa as the winner of the Justice Giveaway! Thanks to all who have participated.


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