Holiday Leotards

Next on the gift giving guide for gymnasts (that was a lot of g’s in one sentence) are leotards!!! Leotards are a practical present with personality. Take comfort knowing this gift will be put to good use over and over and over and over again. It’s also a stocking stuffer that holds a lot of punch. More leotard themes to come . . .
Holiday Gifting: Winter 2013 Leotards for gymnasts


1. Red Hot Workout // GK Elite// $49.99
2. Kelly & Crystals // Destira // $36.80
3. Scarlet Comfort // Ozone // $41.95
4. Snowman Face // AEROLeotards // $42.98
5. Present // AEROLeotards // $39.98

Note: Deadlines for orders to be received by December 25th vary due to supplier. Check shipment info before ordering.

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