Holiday Gift Guide

Yep, it’s that time again; Holiday Shopping! The good news is that your gymnast can be the easiest person to check off of your list this year! Pick something in any of these six categories, and you’re sure to impress.

(1) Home Equipment: countless hours of entertainment, improvement, and fun! (2) Workout Wear: I haven’t met a gymnast who wasn’t thrilled with receiving a new leo! (3) Gymnastics Camp: experiences are the best kinds of gifts! (4) Gymnastics Apparel: a chance to share their identity with the world! (5) Inspiration: so many great motivational books, magazines, and DVD’s for aspiring athletes! (6) Room Decor: because their world revolves around the sport!

Great Gifts for Gymnasts! Visit for ideas within each category and where to purchase.


Coming Soon: Shopping Guides for all (6) Categories!

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HOME EQUIPMENT:  A comparison guide for Home Equipment; what to buy for your gymnast’s stage of development, how to keep your gymnast safe, and when it is important (or not so important) to buy the higher end/ higher price options.

WORKOUT WEAR:  A selection of trendy looks for both the bargain shopper and elaborate leotard lover.

GYMNASTICS SUMMER CAMP: A guide to choosing the right camp for your gymnast.

GYMNASTICS APPAREL:  No you can’t find it at the mall.  Thank goodness for the online shopping list of cute gymnastics street wear coming your way.

INSPIRATION:  An array of great reads, fun publications, and historic DVD’s perfect for an aspiring gymnast.

ROOM DECOR: Magazine posters of your child’s favorite gymnast isn’t the only way to incorporate the sport into her decor.

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