With a heavy heart . . .

I have felt nothing but sadness all day and the only thing I can think to do, is write.

In the gymnastics community there are many who are inspired by the talented young gymnast, Sage Thompson (aka super gymnast sage). Although, thousands of people are privileged to watch Sage grow and progress as a gymnast on YouTube, what they may not see is the kind, funny, determined person behind the skills. This sweet eleven-year-old has a special place in the hearts of those of us who are blessed enough to coach, train, play, travel, and spend time with her! To us, Sage’s eagerness to share stories, commitment to her teammates, love for our little-one’s, hatred for hugs, and excitement for conditioning are a few of the things that make her special (more so than her abnormal abilities to flip and twist).

Thompson tough | Sage Thompson and family

Unfortunately, this past year we have helplessly watched as Sage and her family have faced the unthinkable challenge of witnessing their father and husband fight a losing battle against Leukemia. Although so many of us wished we could have done more, all we could offer was love, support, rides, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, or a soft-spoken word, none of which could help shift the odds in Bryce’s favor.

Today I shed tears, knowing yesterday (2/18/2014) Bryce held the hands of his loved ones for the last time.  Although my interaction with Bryce was minimal, as he spent much of the past year in the hospital, this much I know. . . he didn’t want to say goodbye, he fought hard, he loved his children, he loved his wife, he loved watching his boys wrestle and play soccer, and loved watching his little girl do gymnastics (even if it meant 6:00 am practice and towards the end enduring pain and fatigue). Bryce especially wanted his children to live out their dreams and he will be cheering them on, unseen. 

Bryce Thompson was a great father, a great husband, and a great person. I can’t image how hard it was for Bryce to say goodbye to his family, but I know he will see them again. Until then, Bryce will remain in their hearts, their smiles, and their attitude of being “Thompson Tough”. 

All my love to the Thompson’s,

To learn more about how you can help in the fight against leukemia visit: bethematch.org


This meet was held last month, in honor of Sage’s dad and his fight against AML leukemia. Every gymnast wore an orange ribbon in their hair in honor of leukemia awareness, and every coach and judge wore an orange leukemia ribbon pinned to their shirts. It was very touching to see all of the community support.
Video made by Lauren Stevens
Music by Kyle Khou

9 Responses to “With a heavy heart . . .”

  1. Ashlee N Kyle Vaughan

    Thank you for sharing. Sage was once a Barefoot gymnast here in St. George. She was a tad younger then but she still had the same drive and motivation. Athleticism runs in the family. Im sure Bryce will be at every meet in spirit. God bless this family.

    • Makenna

      I remember Sage telling me it was through the preschool program at Barefoot that she was first introduced to gymnastics! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It is wonderful to see so many people in the gymnastics community reach out and share their support for this family.

  2. Lanny Baxter

    Thanks for the message. The wrestling community feels the same way. We feel like a family when we coach our children and watch there friends compete. Bryce will be missed!

  3. Josie Martinez

    What a terrific gymnast! Must have a great family backing her up. I was a gymnast all my life and through college, and I can see the fire in that little lady.

  4. Whitney Nicholson

    What a beautiful tribute and incredible little girl. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Thompson’s!

  5. Lee Cobb

    My 8-year-old daughter, Abbott, discovered Sage on Youtube just over a year ago. I can’t tell you how inspiring that beautiful gymnast has been to her. There is a video of her family pictures that Abbott has loved in particular, and watched maybe a thousand times! Even I love it — her family is so special and beautiful. God bless them all. I am sure her dad is in Heaven. PS We are waiting eagerly for more of Sage on Youtube. She is truly a superstar.

  6. Adelia Robinson

    I absolutely love Sage… She was my inspiration to start gymnastics, and I always go on and watch her videos. She truly is amazing and I can see potential in this young girl. She is a beautiful gymnast and I love her – the determination to not give up, bravery, and she’s full of talent and energy.
    I feel terribly bad for Sage’s family, I would’ve supported my heart out to make things better for them. Sages family is in my thoughts and prayers…


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