Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Although the superstitious may have deemed 2013 to be unlucky, I reflect back on the year with gratitude for the array of opportunities and growth, the anything but unlucky year has provided.

At the close of 2012, my husband and I welcomed the birth of a second daughter . . . 2013 was a year of adaptation as we faced the challenges and reaped the innumerable blessings of parenting TWO children. In the gym, we enjoyed the addition of new athletes to our gymnastics-family. Taking six gymnasts and a baby (who refused to consume nourishment from anywhere but her mother) to the National Training Center was an unexpected adventure. But, perhaps the most unanticipated surprise of 2013, was the addition of Gym Gab to our crazy, fabulous life.

This time last year, a gymnastics blog was not even a thought. The seed was planted in Spring. Summer of 2013 brought sleepless nights and day-dreams that urged me toward action. Gym Gab finally materialized in August (thanks to Tori Bee Designs). And the latter part of 2013 felt a lot like treading water. Although I am overwhelmed by the support, contribution, and positive feedback by so many, the blog still leaves me a bit unsettled. There are so many ideas yet to share, information to organize, and inspiring people to feature . . . and such limited time to document. But most unnerving is my inability to translate into words the depth of emotion, joy, and uncertainty that lives within coaches, gymnasts and parents.

I believe it’s important to review the past, in order to improve the future. This week I have really scrutinized Gym Gab’s short-life in 2013 and pinpointed what I hope it to become in 2014.  I hope to transform Gym Gab into a gymnastics blog that offers greater insight into the complex world of a gymnastics parent . . . it will take time, and it may force me to stretch my limits, but  here’s to 2014, an opportunity for more growth and new beginnings.

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