When Gymnastics Is Art

Aristotle once wrote that “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.” We truly believe that when gymnasts find themselves passionate about their sport, their routines of sequenced skills become stories and artwork displaying the “inward significance” of their sport to them. Gymnastics can be beautiful artwork!  With this theme in mind, we thought it would be fun to  search for beautiful ARTWORK we could find of (and by) GYMNASTS!


This piece was our first and original inspiration for this post! Created by a wonderfully sweet and creative artist named Nancy Shaskey, this oil painting lovingly entitled, ‘The Old Gym-The Religion of Missy’s Window’, “was created to honor the hard work and commitment of all the coaches, students, and parents who dedicate their lives to the sport, business, and art of gymnastics.” Lucky for us, Jessie’s been able to meet Nancy Shaskey, see this painting first hand, and personally meet (and COACH) some of those who are depicted in it! As a matter of fact, she’s painted in it!!  Jessie is THE coach helping the two gymnasts in the background!  Nancy Shaskey even presented Jessie with this copy of the painting this past week! What an honor! Jessie was THRILLED!!

line-22 copy

We are also thrilled to share with you the many other pieces we found of gymnastics art via Instagram over the past few months and hope you’ll be as awe struck by them as we are!

Below is just a sampling of the inspiring art we have collected. Whether simple or complex, we are totally amazed and impressed by the talent of these artists!  We have even more fantastic pieces on deck, especially some amazing artistic depictions of Men’s Gymnastics, but we are still collecting pieces!  We’d love you to send us more that you do and/or find! Send it HERE or hashtag/mention us on instagram: @gymgabblog #GymGab

Each of these artists personally gave us permission to use and display his/her artwork on Gym Gab and we’d like to give a special thanks to each and every one of them! We are truly grateful and inspired by you! Please note their Instagram handles listed below.

gymnastics pictures

@fitlikemia | @that_one_girl_bella | @cksilva25

@imightdrawyou | @avareyw | @_gymnasts_only

@selahrsilva | @owlgolliz | @celebrity_miasmiley

@drawjessdraw | @dahliasoleil | @fiercefivexoxo

gymnastics pictures

@_wehavechalk_ | @_gymnast_world_ | @gabbyfanz

@chioramemo | @chioramemo | @chioramemo

@roman12d | @colour_me_prisma | @gracieegold_

@art_above_all | @sammymccollxo | @zeloticc

gymnastics pictures

@tansuezz | @gym_forever_love | @louiseio_

@gymalexa10drawings |@gymalexa10drawings | @golarisaiordache

@golarisaiordache | @golarisaiordache | @golarisaiordache

@gerardol93 | @gerardol93 | @golarisaiordache

Again, if you are an artist or would like to share your favorite gymnastics-themed artwork, you can (a) send it directly to us HERE , (b) take a picture of it and hashtag #GymGab or (c) give us a shout out (@gymgabblog) on Instagram! We’d love to spotlight your work!

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