Gymnastics Medal Display Ideas

If medals are taking over your athlete’s room, or hiding in a box somewhere in the attic between baby clothes and Christmas decor, it’s time for a gymnastics medal display!


Gymnastics Medal Display


Although DIY medal displays take some work, they have the potential of holding an ever increasing amount of awards. On the other hand, purchasing a gymnastics themed medal display can be a convenient gifting option and way to organize medals by level or event.

From homemade, to purchase-ready, choose your favorite way (or hers) to display your gymnast’s hard-earned awards!


Gymnastics Medal Display | Gym Gab


CURTAIN ROD: It’s a fairly easy concept . . . but here’s a hint: loop the ribbon around the rod instead of hanging it like a curtain, allowing for easy on/off and forward hanging medals (shown on shutter pictured above). To see the curtain rod medal display put to practice, visit HERE.

SHUTTER: My mother painted an old shutter for my room as a creative way to display the medals I accumulated as a gymnast. I loved it! Not sure where to find an old shutter? Try antique stores.

CORK BOARD: This idea works great when combining pins, ribbons, medals, athlete numbers (mostly used at Nationals), and credentials (used at Invitationals) into one display. To attach paraphernalia simply staple on! You can add fabric over the cork or paint the wood boarder for a more personal touch. Check out A Pretty Happy Home  for instructions and ideas on making your own, durable, display cork board.

Wood Ribbon Rack

Not interested in the hassle of making your own gymnastics medal display? Try one of the above pictured wooden displays made by Etsy Shop Owner, FreeStyleMom. Cute, right? Oh, and the above pictured Gymnast board comes with hooks, of course. Checkout these and other styles HERE.

Gymnastics Medal Display

If you’re looking for something that declares “GYMNAST”, consider the metal gymnastics award displays available on Amazon. You can find 5 hook, 8 hook, and 9 hook versions in neon colors and fun patterns.

If your daughter wants to categorize her awards try Liztards “Level” or “Event” displays!

I’d love to hear how you display your child’s prized decor! Happy Hanging!

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  1. Diana

    we use the curtain rod for medals and a bird cage picture holder for ribbons! She loves it!


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