It’s time for Gym Gab’s third annual 50 Gymnastics Stocking Stuffer Guide! As always, it’s filled with stocking-sized gymnastics gifts for gymnasts of all ages and abilities!

Gymnastics Gifts | Gifts for Gymnasts | Stocking Stuffers

So what’s new to the list? Pasta in the shape of gymnasts, the ever so popular Fitbit for an older athlete, washable tape grips, new jewelry designs and NCAA gymnastics tickets are a few that made the list. New book titles like Nastia Liukins autobiography and a handful of gymnastics easy readers also make their debut. Not to be overlooked are the gymnastics gifts from past guides that offer variations from 2013 and 2014.

Many of these gifts are found on Product Specific Websites or Amazon (great news for PRIME members doing some last minute shopping). There are also personalized hand-made items, usually sold through Etsy, requiring several weeks to make it to your doorstep. For these items, order ASAP!!!

Hope something stands out for your special one!

Gymnastics Gifts


1. AWARD PINS – Celebrate a level advancement, an all-around score, or new skill with a gymnastics awards pin! Multiple styles found at Designs by Margarita, Ten-0, Gym Treasures, and Snowflake Designs.

2. CHALK – use at gym, a meet, or keep it at home to go with her gymnastics bar! Find chalk blocks on Amazon.

3. DEODORANT – this is more of a gift for your child’s coach! Try Fresh Kids Girls Deodorant without antiperspirant for younger ones.

4. RIPT SKIN CARE – it’s worth trying different products for hands to find the one that works best for your child. Learn more about RIPT products.

5. WRIST SUPPORTS – if your child plans to use wrist guards for competition, I suggest Tan Tigerpaws, otherwise choose a fun color  for workout.

6. GRIP BAGa grip bag should be washed often and traded out every once in awhile. I love the ones from It’s All Eye Candy and the custom ones from Paper Nook. There are also tons of styles found on Amazon.

7. ESSENTIAL OILS – gymnasts demand a lot of their bodies. Essential oils can provide relief for sore and achey muscles. We use Dr. Teal’s Bath Salts at our house.

8. WATER BOTTLEkeep your gymnast hydrated in style. My daughters favorites are the Camelbak kids water bottles. If you want a “gymnastics” look, try Aerials by Alpha Factor’s Gymnastics Water Bottles or Personalized styles on Amazon!

9. TENDLITE –  is an FDA cleared LED Light Therapy Device that offers 60% faster healing time by increasing joint tissue repair, strength, flexibility & mobility or other inflammation related ailments. Tendlite is also a convenient size for a stocking (and gym bag). Check out the Tendlite reviews.

10. FLEXIBILITY STRAPS – Here are some great contraptions to assist in your athlete’s journey to a more limber body: Superior Band, I-Flex Jr, Flexistretcher, Stretch Out Strap.

11. KEYCHAIN – add some personality to the gym bag, backpack or keys. Check out hundreds of styles offered by Zazzle.

12. WINNIE’S RIP FIX – hand repair for rips. Winnie’s Rip Fix is another product to try on tender hands.

13. DETANGLING BRUSH – to fix the rats nest that appears atop your gymnast’s head after workout try a Detangling Brush.

14. BODY ADHESIVE – this gift will keep the wedgies at bay- It Stays!

15. PRE-WRAP – to protect the skin from tape. A plethora of fun colors are available!

16. LIP BALM – EOS lip balm is a must for the gym bag! Check out the Holiday 2015 Limited Editions.

17. SPORTS HEADBANDthese gymnastics gifts stay in while flipping and twisting. Favorites at our gym are Under Armour and Ivivva.

18. GLITTER HAIRSPRAY – if your looking for something subtle that offers a little extra shimmer for meet day, try IT Glitter Spray.

19. GYMNASTICS FUN PINS – fun, funky, and perfect to proclaim gymnast status on a school backpack. Check out It’s All Eye Candy for different designs.

20. GYMNASTICS SHORTS – a few great companies include Destira, GK, Flip N Fit, Alpha Factor, & Snowflake Design. Find more options on Amazon.


21. DRAWSTRING BAGA washable drawstring bag to tote shoes, snacks, and good luck charms to and from gym. The pictured bag is from Amazon. Also check out Zazzle.

22. GYMNAST BRACELET – The one pictured is a medal cuff bracelet.

23. GYMNASTICS MEDAL RACK – Compare hundreds of designs on Amazon.

24. GYMNASTICS PASTA – A fun novelty also discovered on Amazon.

25.VICI DOLLthis bendy doll is typically used by coaches to demonstrate proper technique and body positions, but fun is had when gymnasts get their hands on Vici. Choose from two sizes offered by American Gymnast.

26.TAPE GRIPS – Griptastik now offers machine washable, customizable tape grips!

27. DOLL LEOTARDSDestira offers 18″ doll leotards that match their regular-sized collection. Competition style doll leotards are found on Amazon.

28. GYMNASTICS BEAR – achievement bears celebrate gymnastics skills and levels. Check out the designs from Gym Treasures.

29. GYMNASTICS MONKEY  – a monkey performing giants? What a great novelty gift!

30. ROOM DECOR – gymnastics decor will make her room feel like a sanctuary :) Check out what Amazon has to offer.

31. LEOTARDS –  leotards are always appreciated by the receiver. Check out Destira, GK, Flip N Fit, Alpha Factor, Plum Practicewear, K-Bee, Ozone  & Snowflake Design. Find more options on Amazon.

32. MCKENNA AG BOOKS – the popular 2012 American Girl of the year books are about a young gymnast with a great name :). If your daughter hasn’t read McKenna American Girl Books, grab them for the stocking!

33. GYMNASTICS BOOKS – looking for easy reads that keep your gymnast’s attention? Try one of these:  Gymnastics Girl Maya’s Story, Strawberry Shortcake Gymnastics FunGemma Gymnastics Fairy, I will Try, I broke into Gymnastics Camp, Curious George Gymnastics Fun,  Gymnastics JittersLily’s Lucky Leotard, DK Readers: Gymnastics, The Greatest Gymnast of All, Cartwheel Katie, Cat on the Mat or Tina Tumble’s.

34. PILLOWCASE – I love Mary’s Canary Gymnastics Pillowcase! The customized design includes the gymnast’s name within the gymnast silhouette. It’s also easy to tuck inside a stocking!

35. MOGO BRACELET – this magnetic charm bracelet is a popular pick for the younger gymnast. Charms are purchased separate from bracelet.

36. JEWELRY – there are many beautiful pieces of gymnastics jewelry these days. The one pictured is found on Amazon. Also check out Etsy &  Ten-O.

37. MCKENNA AG DVDMcKenna Shoots for the Stars is the 2012 American Girl of the year gymnastics movie and a hit with young gymnasts.


38. FITBIT – gymnasts get plenty of exercise, but what about sleep? How about the retired gymnast who still desires fitness as a lifestyle? Try putting a Fitbit in the stocking.  Amazon has them at 20% off in 7 colors.

39. GYMNASTICS SHOES – theses sandals are designed with the gymnast in mind. They provide support and comfort for an easy transition between events during competition. Note they come in adult sizes. Find them at Ten-o.

40. LEOTARD GIFT CARD – this is a great stocking stuffer for an older gymnast, more particular about her style. Destira, GK-Elite Sportswear, Plum Practicewear, & Snowflake Design offer gift certificates on their sites.

41. GYMNASTICS DVDS – new to the list this year is The Gabby Douglas Story. Or there is the classic teen flick Stick It.

42. TRAINING BOOKS – technically the brain is not a muscle, but gymnast’s minds do need conditioning. Books like Your Best Meet Ever, and Gymnastics Psychology can help!  What great gymnastics gifts!?!

43. SPORTS BRA – an athlete favorite is the Ivivva’s reversible youth sports bra. Check out new patterns this winter. Also try Under Armour’s HeatGear bra.

44. NCAA SEASON TICKETS– give the gift of experience and inspiration. Season tickets are also a chance for some parent-child bonding!

45. SMART PHONE CASEgymnastics cases for ipods, iphones, ipads, or other smart devices are always an easy win with (pre)teens.

46. MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION – how about a periodical all about her favorite sport?!?! Check out Inside Gymnastics and International Gymnast.

47. OLYMPIAN BIOGRAPHIES – inspire your gymnast with autobiographies from Nastia Liukin, Shannon MillerGabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson. Or try the GymnStars series. I also recommend the incredible story of Elite Gymnast Aimee Walker-Pond titled, No Excuses.

48. EMERGENCY KIT – griptastik’s Gymnastics Emergency Kit is a customizable travel bag that includes everything you’d need at a meet, including hair accessories, deodorant, tape, and band-aids .

49. SCRIPT NECKLACE –  my favorite necklace for an older gymnast, is new to Ten-o’s site this year – The Script Gymnast Necklace.


50. CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT –  start your hunt on Amazon and Etsy – many, many options from both sites.

Happy Holidays!

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