Stocking Stuffer Gymnastics Gifts – 2014

Gym Gab’s 50 Gymnastics Stocking Stuffers – 2013 guide proved to be a helpful resource for gym parents last Christmas. Almost 365 days have come and gone and once again it’s time to find gymnastics gifts small enough to help stuff the stocking!

This year’s Stocking Stuffer Gymnastics Gift Guide includes a whole  new set of gifting ideas and variations from last year finds. I also included a few repeats – staples and ideas worth revisiting!

 50 Stocking Stuffers 2014 |Gymnastics Gifts |Gym Gab

Like last year, the 2014 list includes gymnastics gifts for gymnasts of all ages and abilities! Many items can be purchased through Amazon (great news for PRIME members doing some last minute shopping) or on product specific websites. There are also personalized hand-made items, sold through Etsy, requiring several weeks to end up on your doorstep. For these items, order today!!!

My favorite gymnastics gifts for the stocking this year?  First, the Tendlite! It may be a bit of an investment compared to other gifts in your child’s stocking but what it can offer your gymnast parallels to almost none in way of gymnastics gifts. Find out what makes it so great – listed with the gymnastics gifts below (# 3 under gym bag gymnastics gifts). I also love the leotard keychain by Alpha Factor for no other reason than I find it extremely cute. Of course I’m also a fan of leotards, the flexibility bands, deep blue rub, gymnastics books, inside gymnastics magazines, and . . . who am I kidding, I love all of these gymnastics gifts!

Happy Shopping!

Gymnastics Gifts for the Gym Bag 2014

Gymnastics Gifts for Gymnasts of All Ages and Abilities | Gym Gab

1. GYMNASTICS PIN – gymnasts love to adorn their bags with “milestone pins”. Celebrate a level advancement/completion or an all-around score or new skill with aFind a variety of pins to choose from.  Multiple styles found | HERE | and | HERE |.

2. CHALK – let your gymnast save the day at a meet with an extra block of chalk or keep it at home to go with her new gymnastics bar! Find it | HERE |.

3. TENDLITE –  is a FDA cleared LED Light Therapy Device that offers 60% faster healing time by increasing joint tissue repair, strength, flexibility & mobility or other inflammation related ailments in areas such as the shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, ankle, back, hip, etc. Tendlite is also a convenient size for a stocking (and gym bag). Read the reviews/purchase | HERE |.

4. DEODORANT – this is a gift the coaches will appreciate as well! Pre-teens often perspire in the gym sooner than their less active peers.  You can find kid’s deodorant without antiperspirant for younger ones | HERE |.

5. FLEXIBILITY STRAPS – flexibility is a HUGE part of gymnastics and something that gymnasts can improve on at home. Here are some great contraptions to assist in your athlete’s journey to a more limber body:  | I-Flex JR | FLEXISTRETCHER | STRETCH OUT STRAP | SUPERIOR BAND |.

6. RIPT SKIN CARE – although I’ve never tried this product, one of our Level 10’s uses it and I’ve heard great things. Learn more | HERE |.

7. WRIST BANDS – chalky, sweat-stained wristbands need replacing every once in awhile. Look | HERE | or | HERE |. For UNDER ARMOUR wrist bands check | HERE |.

8. KEYCHAIN – add some personality to the gym bag, backpack or keys. Check out all three colors offered | HERE |.

9. GRIP BAG – a grip bag should be washed often and traded out every once in awhile. I love the ones found | HERE | and | HERE |. Plain styles found | HERE |.

10. DEEP BLUE – ease sore muscles, joints, and sprains with this essential oil based product. Read the reviews | HERE | but I recommend purchasing through licensed distributors | HERE |.

11. WATER BOTTLE – keep your gymnast hydrated in style. My daughter likes to use the Camelbak kids water bottles at gym found | HERE |. Kleen Kanteens are also popular, found | HERE |. If you want it to say “gymnastics” look | HERE |, | HERE |, & | HERE |!

12. BODY ADHESIVE – this gift will keep the wedgies at bay. Review found | HERE |, product | HERE |.

13. TAPE – commonly used for tape grips, joint support, and ankles. Find a variety of colors | HERE |. For KT tape look | HERE |.

14. LIP BALM – EOS lip balm is a must for the gym bag! Find a variety of flavors | HERE |.

15. SPORTS HEADBAND –these gymnastics gifts stay in while flipping and twisting. Favorites at our gym are Under Armour, girl sizes found| HERE |or IVIVVA found | HERE |

16. BAG BALM – use it for dried, cracked, and ripped hands. Get a travel size for the gym bag | HERE |.

17. STOPWATCH – bright colored stopwatches are fun for timing splits, handstand holds, or rope climbs. Find them | HERE |.

18. GYMNASTICS SHORTS – there are several companies that provide gymnastics shorts. A few include Destira, GK, Flip N Fit, Alpha Factor, & Snowflake Design. Find more options | HERE |.

 Gymnastics Gifts for the Younger Gymnast 2014

Gymnastics Gifts | Stocking Stuffers 2014 |Gym Gab


19. DRAWSTRING BAG – A washable drawstring bag to tote shoes, snacks, and good luck charms to and from gym. Find the pictured bag | HERE |.

20. TIC-TAC-TOE – a travel sized magnetic tic-tac-toe game with gymnastics pieces is a great gymnastics gift and activity for meet travel or a distraction while waiting for awards. Find the game | HERE |.

21. MCKENNA AG BOOKS – the popular 2012 American Girl of the year book about a young gymnast with a great name :). Find both books | HERE |.

22. DOLL LEOTARDS – we use these leotards as stuffed animal attire at our house. Cute prints  found | HERE |.

23. GYMNASTICS BEAR – achievement bears celebrate gymnastics skills and levels. Check out the designs | HERE |.

24. GYMNASTICS MONKEY  – a monkey performing giants? What a great novelty gift! Find it | HERE |.

25. ROOM DECOR – decorations to declare her gymnast-title can be important for a little girl. Find this gymnastics sign | HERE|.

26. HAIR BOW – colorful bows add a bit of individuality to workout attire. Clip on a pony or bun and you’re done. I love the prints found | HERE |.

27. GYMNASTICS BOOKS – looking for easy reads that keep your gymnast’s attention? Try one of these:  Gymnastics Girl Maya’s Story, Gemma Gymnastics Fairy, I will Try, Lily’s Lucky Leotard, or Tina Tumble’s.

28. LEOTARDS –  although leotards may be obvious gymnastics gifts, a girl can never have too many and they are always appreciated by the receiver. Check out Destira, GK, Flip N Fit, Alpha Factor, Plum Practicewear, K-Bee, OZONE  & Snowflake Design. Find more options | HERE |.

29. JEWELRY – there are many beautiful pieces of gymnastics jewelry these days, especially on etsy. Find one of my favorites | HERE |. More options | HERE | and | HERE | and | HERE | or | HERE |.

30. MCKENNA AG DVD – the 2012 American Girl of the year gymnastics movie is always a hit with young gymnasts. Purchase | HERE |.

31. MOGO BRACELET – this magnetic charm bracelet is a popular pick for the younger gymnast. Find charms | HERE | and the bracelet | HERE |.

32. VICI DOLL – this bendy doll is typically used by coaches to demonstrate proper technique and body positions, but fun is to be had when gymnasts get their hands on vici. Find a version | HERE | and another | HERE |.

33. BOOKMARK – with so many great gymnastics books to choose from, it only seems fitting to include a gymnastics bookmark in your child’s stocking! Purchase | HERE |.

34. SOCKS – plain socks may not be an exciting stocking stuffer, but add bright colors and the word gymnastics and they turn into the perfect gymnastics gift! Find the pictured socks | HERE | or some from Justice | HERE |.

35. PILLOWCASE – I LOVE this gymnastics pillowcase! The customized design includes the gymnast’s name within the gymnast silhouette. It’s also easy to tuck inside a stocking! See it up close and purchase | HERE |. Other options can be found | HERE |.

 Gymnastics Gifts for the Older Gymnast 2014

Gymnastics Gifts | Stocking Stuffers 2014 |Gym Gab

36. GYMNASTICS USB FLASH DRIVE – it’s a conversation starter and a fun way to transfer homework documents or media from one computer to the next. Find it | HERE |.

37. GYMNASTICS SHOES – theses sandals are designed with the gymnast in mind. They provide support and comfort for an easy transition between events during competition. Note they come in adult sizes. Find them | HERE |.

38. LEOTARD GIFT CARD – this is a great stocking stuffer option for a gym diva more particular about her style. Destira, GK, & Snowflake Design offer gift certificates on their sites.

39. GYMNASTICS DVDS – try the recap of the 2012 London Olympic Games: Highlights. Or there is always the classic teen flick Stick It.

40. FICTIONAL GYMNASTICS SERIES – check out the Go-for-Gold series by Olympian Dominique Moceanu or The Gymnastics Series by NCAA gymnast, April Adams.

41. TIGAR PAWS – training gear becomes more common with growth and increased hours in the gym. Tigar paws are a great way to support wrists throughout workout. Find traditional tan | HERE | or fun workout colors | HERE |.

42. GYMNAST SCOREBOOK – to keep track of progress! Find custom designs | HERE |.

43. JAMBERRY NAILS – gymnastics print nail wraps for post competition-season nail fun. Find | HERE |.

44. SPORTS BRA – I love everything about Ivivva’s reversible youth sports bras with fun color and prints. Also check out Under Armour’s HeatGear bra.

45. OLYMPIAN BIOGRAPHIES – inspire your gymnast with autobiographies from Gabby Douglas and Shawn Johnson. Psst . . .  Shannon Miller also has a book available for pre-order that will be released Summer of 2015. Check it out for next year’s stocking.

46. iPOD CASE – gymnastics cases for ipods, iphones, ipads, are always an easy win with (pre)teens. Options found | HERE |.

47. DECALS – the pictured gymnastics decals come in a set of six and are great for subtle room or locker decor. Frame a few in a picture frame for a unique art piece. Find them | HERE | or others | HERE |.

48. GYMNASTICS MAGAZINE – how about a periodical all about her favorite sport?!?! Check it out | HERE |.

49. TRAINING BOOKS – the brain may not be a muscle, but gymnast’s minds do need conditioning. Books like Your Best Meet Ever, and Gymnastics Psychology can help! What great gymnastics gifts!?!

 Gymnastics Gifts for the Christmas Tree 2014

Gymnastics Gifts | Gymnastics Ornaments 50. Christmas Ornament – Year/Level Ornament | Rainbow Metal Ornament | Glitter Ornament – more colors available | Amazon Options |



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