Gymnast-Friendly Valentines

One month until Valentine’s Day!!! Last year, one of my gymnasts made a personal goal to not eat candy during competition season. This ambition presented a challenge on the holiday of love and sweets. Supportive of her commitment, I searched Pinterest for “candy-free” Valentines for my team. Here are six gems; fantastic gymnast-friendly Valentine ideas. Visit the links for free printables from some fabulous blogs!

May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and a little less sugar,

Gymnast Friendly Valentines

(1) Valentine Fruit Tags | Craftaholics Anonymous
(2) Love Juice | At Second Street
(3) “Bee” My Valentine | Little Bit Funky
(4) Naturally Sweet | Five and One
(5) Valentine Snack Mix | The Baby Steps Blog
(6) You Rock My Socks Off | 30 Days

P.S. Not many seven-year olds challenge themselves to a four month sabbatical from candy, but limiting sugar intake can be rewarding! An excess of sugar can decrease focus, limit sustained energy, and weaken the immune system. Instead of just saying “no” to your kiddo’s sugar requests, explain the benefits of moderation and encourage your gymnast to make nutritional decisions that benefit them and their goals. (I’m still working on this with my three-year old).

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