Gym Gab Treasure Chest – Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still

My daughter has a pink chest with forest animals sketched across the arched lid, protecting the contents within. The glitter- jewelry ring, drawings from a lifelong friend, several glass figurines and an additional two dozen trinkets inside enjoy “special” status; things that need guarding from careless hands. We call it her treasure box.

In celebration of National Gymnastics Day, I decided to make a Gym Gab treasure box! I’m speaking figuratively, as I can’t find the motivation to pull out the decoupage’ for items I wish to share with the world, rather than guard in my room. But like my daughter’s treasure box, the items I put inside (still figuratively speaking here) will enjoy “special” status; items that bring joy, put a smile on my face, or warm my heart.

The first treasure in my box? A non-fiction picture book by Karlin Gray titled, Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still.


Guys, this book is MAGICAL! The world is in need of more non-fiction picture books, and Karlin Gray has served the Gymnastics community well by providing our young acrobats with a poetic account of one of gymnastics’ greats!

As for the illustrations, Karlin Gray says it best in her response to seeing the illustrations for the first time, “Christine Davenier’s artwork reminded me of “swimming through an ocean of air”—words used by sportscaster Jim McKay when he described Comaneci at the ’76 Olympics.” They’re BEAUTIFUL!


Nadia: The girl who Couldn’t Sit Still, has captured the attention, and hearts, of my entire family.

My youngest exclaimed, “Mom, I can’t sit still either!”.

My oldest was outraged with, what seemed like an unfair score awarded at the Olympics, followed by great excitement as the story progressed.

My husband applauded the details, the afterward, and the few points of interest even he, a lifelong gymnastics fan, didn’t know.

In short, if you’re looking for a new picture book to put on your gymnast’s bookshelf, I’m telling you, give Nadia a try! At my house, we’re in love.

One lucky instagram follower will win a copy of Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still. Head over INSTAGRAM  to be eligible to win // Giveaway Closed.




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