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One of our favorite things about authoring a gymnastics blog is getting to meet new people! To celebrate all of our wonderful fans & new friends, we would like to introduce a new SPOTLIGHT series – GYM GAB FAN. Because gymnastics is not only a sport but also a lifestyle, we are excited and anxious to share the many different stories of gymnasts we’ve come across, followed, and become fans of.  As they’ve become fans of -US- (Gym Gab), we thought it would be fun to show the rest of our followers how a lifestyle filled with gymnastics experiences and memories (such as theirs) is open to everyone!  

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Meet Ava, a spunky three-year-old gymnast from Tulsa, Oklahoma! Ava’s Momma, Brianna (that’s fun to say), sent us a sweet email a couple of weeks ago sharing how much she enjoyed our blog. Thanks Brianna! Encouraged to know more about our fan, we skimmed through her daughter’s Instagram account @avagraceplace and were immediately intrigued by the many adorable faces of Ava.

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We had to know what inspired this cutie to flash the most amazing smile while in her gymnastics gear! After hearing her darling (and very animated) responses, we were thrilled to learn what makes  the sport of gymnastics so great in Ava’s eyes! We hope you enjoy her and her Momma’s Q & A session as much as we did. Our favorite? Ava’s “funniest comment after gym”. Enjoy!

Interview with Ava

Who is your coach and what makes her special?
Ms. Lexi, she’s so funny!

What’s something your coach always tells you?
She tells me to flip. JUMP and THEN . . . flip.

Why do you do gymnastics?
Because they let me flip!

What’s the coolest trick in gymnastics?
Jump, press, finish!

What’s your favorite healthy food that makes you strong?
Apples and a . . . what’s it called? Oh yeah, PEANUT BUTTER!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A little Elsa (she has powers).


Interview with Brianna

What does Ava LOVE about gymnastics?
She loves to flip and jump on the beam.

What’s the funniest thing Ava’s ever said after gymnastics class?
“Whew! My guns and buns are burning!”

What other activities does Ava enjoy besides gymnastics?
Dancing, modeling, and cheering.

In what ways has gymnastics contributed to life outside of the gym?
Ava is more willing to try new things even if they seem scary.

What monkey-like abilities does Ava portray at home?
She flips on the couch and casts on our low pull-up bar.

What is the hardest thing about being a gym mom?
Watching my daughter practice without sideline coaching!

Thanks Ava and Brianna for sharing a few tidbits of your gymnastics life!

If you’re a fan of Gym Gab, let us (and all your friends!) know!  Spread the word about us as we have fun spreading the word about YOU!!!

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