Grounds to Workout

Happy First Day of Spring!

As coaches (and let’s be honest, as women) we are huge advocates of the word “workout,” but as mothers, we are also huge fans of the words “get out”–as in GET OUT DOORS. We love that spring is finally here and with the warmer days comes more time outside! Today, as we celebrate our first blogger link-up organized by our friends at Oh So Delicioso (remember their delicious protein smoothie they shared with us here), we want to give you a fun way to get a WORK OUT as you and your kids GET OUT to enjoy the weather at the park sometime soon!

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Since we have so many parents requesting lists of gymnastics exercises that they, themselves, can do, we put together a few basic sets that we thought would get you off the park bench and into better shape! We may not look all that graceful doing these for you (remember we are currently coaches, formerly gymnasts), but we sure had fun! So did our kids!

Playground Workout | Momma Muscles | Gym Gab Blog


Please excuse our pictures. We were laughing too hard to get anything useful, so you’re just going to have to laugh with us. Laughing is a great ab workout, so that’s just another gift to you from us. Find a bar to hang on, making sure you aren’t too high and that your arms aren’t too far apart (we suggest just past shoulder width). Stretch your legs to be straight under you and then pull your knees up so that your hips are 90 degrees to your thighs or higher, then lower them back to a straight hang. We suggest trying to get in 5-10 lifts per set.
[muscles worked: abs, fore arms, hip flexors]

Playground Workout | Momma Muscles | Gym Gab Blog


Place your feet or knees on a surface higher than your hands making sure your hips are flat (squeeze your bum) and your stomach is in (squeeze your abs) in a “plank” position. Then, in classic push-up style, bend your arms (elbows out and away from your hands) until your chest is as close to the ground as possible before pushing back up into the plank position. We suggest working up to 15-20 repetitions.
[muscles worked: chest, abs, arms, lats, traps]

Playground Workout | Momma Muscles | Gym Gab Blog


Find a place where there are two bars/walls/surfaces that are equal height and wide enough to fit between. Squeeze your abs and lift your legs up, gently lowering yourself by bending your arms letting your chest shift forward a little to balance your weight. Once you are as low as you’re comfortable with, push your hands down on the surfaces and lift your body back up. If this seems too hard, start by lowering yourself just an inch or two. We suggest working toward a full arm bend and doing 10-20 repetitions.
[muscles worked: triceps, back, abs]

Playground Workout | Momma Muscles | Gym Gab Blog


Find a surface that is higher than the ground. Stand on the edge with only your toes on the surface and your heels off of it. Start by raising high onto your toes keeping your weight between your first (big) and second toe. Squeeze your abs, bum, and knees while slowly lowering your heels down below the level of your toes. Feel the stretch in your calf muscle before raising back onto your high toes. You can also do this one leg at a time if you’re up for the challenge. We suggest 20-50 repetitions.
[muscles worked: gastrocnemius (calf muscles)]


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