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Although I only have two daughters, I often feel as if I’m raising eleven girls! The little group of nine gymnasts that I coach have (almost) as much of my heart as my own babies do. These girls have been raised in the gym, several of them I’ve coached since they were four years old. I’ve seen them at their best and their worst. And they’ve seen me at mine. There have been hard times. My heart has ached not only for their frustrations in the gym but for losses at home. More often, my heart rejoices for them – so many accomplishments and much growth! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by my role in their lives. I worry that I’m not teaching them all the things I wish they could learn or that I’m not patient enough to let them learn them.

Last month, my three youngest gymnasts all turned eight within weeks of each other. It really hit me how fast my little “ducklings” (in their hight-order row) were growing.  I decided it was time to gift all my gymnasts with an (un)birthday present. Although not much, I was excited to present the team with personalized grip bags –  just a small token of my affection for each of them, as individuals.

Personalized Grip Bags by Paper Nook | Gym Gab

I think the bags turned out extremely cute, so I decided to share the great find! You can order a personalized grip bag for your special gymnast’s (un)birthday from paper nook. Choose your favorite color and select the large size. They are a steal of a deal for only $4.50 plus S&H.

Gym Gab partnered with paper nook to provide a $20 credit towards paper nook goods!

Personalized Grip Bags by Paper Nook

To enter follow on Pinterest: @gymgabblog and @papernook. Leave a comment with your favorite pin from Gym Gab and/or Paper Nook.

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Good luck, and I’ll announce a winner and email them on October 5th, just in time for the next giveaway!

14 Responses to “Paper Nook | Giveaway”

  1. Emily Smith Davies

    I liked both places on pinterest and both pages on facebook! My favorite pin on your Pinterest was the girl. Inspired.: A Gymnastics Birthday Party. My 4 year old just started gymnastics for the first time and she loves it. This would be a perfect theme for her birthday in February!!

  2. Emilie Henderson

    My favorite pin from Gym Gab was the painted trophies. Those gold plastic things are always so hideous and I would have never thought to paint them! Such a cute idea!!

  3. emma grace

    I have liked both Pinterest and Facebook. I love everything about your blog! I am a gymnast so I would love the gym party from paper nook. All of her party supplies are great!

  4. stacia

    I happily liked both of you Facebook and Pinterest pages. My favorite party that paper nook had on her interest was the super hero party. As for your blog – I love everything!!! I would love to win this giveaway.

  5. M2M photography

    Love this Blog!!! I liked Facebook and Pinterest on both gym gab and paper nook. Would be happy to win this gift card. If you ever have some photography needs I would be happy to help :) I love you style!!!

  6. Amber valenzuela

    Liked both Pinterest and Facebook. Loved the Gabby Douglas Vinyl Wall Decal and the butterfly grab bag

  7. Gen Fairbanks

    I completely love your blog!!! I liked Facebook and Pinterest and I had a lot of favorite pins but my very favorites are: Dream Big and When, How, and Why to start. I love that you show, someone so little can already learn so much!

  8. Lesa Hazen

    I’m living all of this pin. Just discovered y’all. Thanks for helping navigate this sometimes confusing world. :-)

  9. Alex

    I live around paper nook best place ever !!!# ausome


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