Girls don’t have upper body strength. Ha!

When I (Jessie) was in my teens, I was able to go to “boot camp” for a youth conference where we were given the opportunity to go through some of the macho drills and obstacle courses the armed forces train on. Since I was a gymnast and took pride in my hard-earned strength, I couldn’t wait for the challenges I expected to face.

Much to my surprise, when we got to an obstacle with a wall and a rope, the sergeants on hand started ushering me and my little lady friends around to the other side without giving us a chance at it! When I asked if I could have a try, I was told, “Sorry Miss. You won’t make it up. You don’t have the upper-body strength.” Hmph.

Little did he know, I held the record of the most push ups and rope climbs at my gym at the time and I probably had more upper body strength (pound for pound, of course) than he ever would. That phrase, “You don’t have the upper-body strength” became a running joke in my family which still makes us laugh to this day.

If you didn’t notice, on facebook (Like us here.¬†We’d LOVE it!) we posted a clip of a former NCAA gymnast, Kacy Catanzaro plowing through American Ninja Warrior’s obstacle courses where the big, beefy dudes before her fell short! Makenna and I have both watched this clip many times and get butterflies (and maybe a few tears) of pride and joy knowing that her training in gymnastics played a huge role in her success in each obstacle! Way to go, Kacy!!

Little girls don’t have upper-body strength?! Pshhh. Guess again!

P.S. Watch for some good upper-body strength exercises for moms coming to Gym Gab soon!


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