Gymnastics Equipment for Home

Purchasing gymnastics equipment for home is a bit daunting. What piece of gymnastics equipment is right for your budding gymnast? What items are safe to have in the home? What should you buy, why should you buy it, and where can you find it? All of these questions are answered below!

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You can buy any of the below listed gymnastics equipment for home through the specific equipment product links listed below. For more information and purchasing options, visit Gym Gab’s gymnastics Home Equipment Page found to your left in the sidebar.

Gymnastics Equipment for the Home

(1) Balance Beams

Purchase Here

Gymnastics balance beams are my favorite piece of gymnastics equipment for home use. Need further convincing before you buy a balance beam for your gymnast? Click on the two articles below for benefits, reviews, comparisons, and purchasing information. The gymnastics beam pictured above is the Brianna Balance Beam – w/ Prime Shipping.

5 Reasons to buy your gymnast a balance beam this holiday

Which beam is right for your gymnast and home?

(2) Panel Mat

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Panel mats are a great gift and piece of gymnastics equipment for the home because they offer versatility and are easily stored. Panel mats are often used under balance beams, as additional padding for stationary skills & when folded provide ideal height for conditioning and flexibility. They also come in a variety of colors and designs, providing fun decor options for any room.

(3) Practice Mat

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As described by Tumbl Trak, “The softness of the Jr. Practice Mat make it a great landing surface. It features non-skid material on the bottom and multiple mats can be connected together for a longer tumbling area. PARENT TIP: This gymnastics mat is 4” thick and makes a great small mat for cushioning falls and landings. We recommend this mat for use under the Jr. Kip Bar, Jr. Bar Pro or any Jr. Training Bar.”

(4) Incline Mat

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An incline gymnastics mat (or cheese mat) is a great training tool. Smaller cheese mats (approx. 24 ” x 48″ x 14 “) are designed for preschool aged gymnasts. Skill practice includes bridges, forward rolls, backward rolls, bridge kick-overs, etc. If your gymnast is looking for gymnastics equipment for home use designed  for more difficult skills, I suggest purchasing a larger incline mat.

(5) Junior Bar

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Bars are a tricky piece of gymnastics equipment for the home and often not safe. There are limited bar skills appropriate for home practice. With that being said, if your gymnast would enjoy a bar for strength training, casting practice, or beginning single-rail skills, purchase mats to ensure safety! The sturdier the bar, the better! It’s worth the investment to pay a little more. For extra stability buy the extension kits if available!

Click her for my first pick. 

(6) Trampoline

Purchase Here

Trampolines provide endless hours of entertainment for gymnasts and friends, but can also be dangerous. Make sure you set-up strict rules to go with this piece of equipment. To make trampolines safer, you can put them in ground (level with your yard) as well as buy a safety net  (many trampolines have one included).


What is your favorite Gymnastics Equipment for Home Use?

7 Responses to “Gymnastics Equipment for Home”

  1. Princessmommy

    My almost three year old is very coordinated and loves to walk on balance beams, or really anything she can balance on. We are buying her a balance beam for Christmas and a tumbling mat. My question is, if I am getting a tumbling mat, should I also get a cartwheel mat or is that redundant?

    • Makenna

      In competition with an actual beam & mat, the cartwheel mat probably won’t get as much use. You can cut out felt hands and feet and tape them to your tumbling mat if you want to simulate the cartwheel. I’d suggest an incline mat if you’re looking to expand your “at-home” equipment, as your three year old won’t out-grow it as fast as a cartwheel mat.

  2. Linda Perkins

    This is indeed a perfect gift guide for Christmas especially to those who are gym fanatics. I love the ideas. This gives me the best idea on what to give to my best friend. I’m sure a new incline mat is just perfect for her. Thanks!

  3. isanelle

    How much would it cost I am a my mom cusiders a good gymnast. But I am not in gymnastics


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