Fashion Find: Justice

Justice Gymnastics Wear | Gym Gab
My elementary-aged gymnasts LOVE shopping at Justice. Sparkles, bling, bright colors, comfortable styles, and the word GYMNAST; it’s a recipe for success. Justice’s gymnastics line is a way for girls to express their undying commitment to the sport they love. It also allows gymnasts a way to connect their two worlds: school and gym.

Justice Gymnastic Wear | Gym Gab

I took my three-year old into Justice the other day for the first time.  My daughter actually squealed at the sight of the black and pink shirt with a glittery silhouette of a gymnast on it. When I explained that a 6 was the smallest size Justice made, she started collecting clothes for “the girls”, a.k.a. the gymnasts I coach. I told her I loved how thoughtful she was, but that she had a few more pennies to save before she could afford all of the clothes that she declared were “PERFECT” for them!

Justice 4 Gymnasts | Gym Gab

Want to get started on Christmas? Find a local Justice store here. They have stores in 49 states!

Justice Gymnastics Line | Gym Gab
Photos | Chelsey Searle Photography

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