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Several years ago, I took on the responsibility of ordering gymnastic leotards for the gym’s proshop. I experimented with several companies until I found a few brands that met the majority of our customer’s needs. Destira Gymnastic Leotards are one of the tried and true favorites!

Why Costumers at My Gym Love Destira:

My gym’s proshop services over 1,000 students. Destira leotards accommodate almost all the hundreds of body types that walk through the door. Quality fabrics and affordable prices entice the parents! Comfortable cuts and sassy prints appeal to the gymnasts! Pictured below are some of my gymnasts in this quarter’s best sellers.

Why I Love Destira:

There are two main reasons I continue to order from Destira.  #1) Customer Service: Not only have I enjoyed quick and friendly communication with the owners when needed, I have appreciated Destira’s user-friendly website when placing orders. #2) The Leotards sell fast: Because Destira offers a variety of fun prints and designs, there is something that appeals to everyone. I am always impressed at how fast we sell Destira leotards and how often I am placing another order!

Great Gymnastic Leotards | Great Prints | Destira | Gym Gab
Photos | Chelsey Searl Photography

More than leotards:

Destira also offers other great products. You will find gymnastic shorts, gymnastic leotards for dolls, grips bags, etc. They also have gift cards if you are purchasing for an opinionated gymnast. If you are buying for a friend and are unsure of sizing, this is also a great option.


Sales & Promotions:

If you are a stickler for sales, you’ll always find cute gymnastic leotards in Destira’s sale section. Destira continually introduces new prints and styles, allowing them to discount last season items. For gymnastic leotard promotions you can  ‘Like’ Gym Gab on Facebook.


Note: Gym Gab is a proud affiliate of Destira.
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