Dream Big

Nastia Tip #1: Encourage your child to Dream Big.

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My preschooler’s dream is to be eight. The only thing needed to achieve this dream is time so I dig a little deeper, “What will you do when you’re eight?”

She rattles off the following, “flick-lays, side aerials, front aerials, & press handstands.” Yes, the fact that my 3 year-old knows the difference between side and front aerials is a testament that both her parents are coaches.

Truth #1: My little dreamer will turn 8.
Truth #2: If she keeps lifting her hands off of the floor with as much determination and enthusiasm as she currently does at the end of every cartwheel, she may master the side aerial even before she turns 8.
Truth #3: Side aerial or not, the little one’s 8th birthday party is going to be quite the bash.

Encourage your gymnast to DREAM BIG | Gym Gab
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What is your gymnast’s BIG DREAM?

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