Cure Winter Blues with Greens

Is it March already?!?! For our kids in the gym, that means only a few more practices to prepare for State Meet! For our little one’s at home, it signifies a countdown to lucky charms, gold coins, and green milk!

So, to celebrate State Meet and Saint Patty’s Day, we present a list of GREENS to promote health, wellness, and sustained energy!

Pssst . . . greens aren’t only important for athletes. When it comes to Meet Season, we understand it can be a worrisome, exhausting, and exhilarating time of year for parents as well!  Keeping up on YOUR greens is one way to keep YOU pumped up too! Same goes for coaches, so we are committing ourselves also!

Cure Meet Season/Winter Blues with Greens!

Greens offer a rich supply of phytonutrients which are immune-boosting antiviral and antibacterial agents!
Most all greens contain powerful antioxidants which protect the body from toxins in the environment and other food we eat!
The Dark, leafy greens contain essential omega-3 fatty acids which protect against the body against awful things like heart disease and high cholesterol .
Greens are dense in vitamins C,K,E, and B, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron which all help maintain balance in your blood, your moods, your energy levels,  and even your balance on the beam!

Often, we think of greens in the form of a gorgeously huge salad that [some] people don’t always feel like making/eating…but we can assure you that getting in all of your daily recommended value of valuable greens (about 2-3 cups of vegetables per the USDA) can be quite easy!  Since there are so many different kinds of greens (see image), we suggest you add them into everything!

Add them to:

SMOOTHIES (a popular and easy way to gulp them down–just add your favorite fruits and BLEND)

SAUCES & CASSEROLES (puree and/or chop up before stirring them in), to  breakfast (think scrambled eggs with greens chopped up)

SANDWICHES (switch out the simple iceberg lettuce with a more nutrient rich lettuce)

SOUPS (chopped kale or bok choy plus fresh parsley make any soup super yummy).

Once you get into the habit of adding greens to everything you eat, the hardest part is just choosing which greens to go where!

Adding greens to yours and your gymnast’s diet will surely add energy and zest to your meet season! We wish you all the very best of luck this season! What are some of YOUR favorite greens and how do you YOU add them into your daily meals?!

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