Gymnastics Hairstyles: Part 1

It’s Compulsory Competition Season, so lets talk gymnastics hairstyles! There are hundreds of creative, cute gymnastics hairstyles on Pinterest (check out our gymnastics hairstyle board here), but not all will prove successful at a compulsory (levels 1-5) gymnastics meet!

First Test: Is it Backward Roll Friendly? Did you know that your daughter has a backward roll in her floor routine? In regards to hair this skill is problematic and usually ends in one of three ways:

A) the gymnast is in tears because the massive and intricately placed ponytail or bun, tightly secured with one hundred bobby pins, was forcefully thrust into her scalp.

B) the mother is in tears because her artfully crafted masterpiece didn’t withstand the powerful impact with the floor and now looks more like a rat’s nest than her creative hair-do.

C) both gymnast and parent beam with pride as the daughter moves gracefully through the skill with ease and comfort. We’re obviously hoping for scenario C here.

Pig tails are a fantastic backward roll friendly option, if placed far enough from the center of the head to avoid direct contact with the floor. Find tutorials for creative takes on traditional gymnastics hairstyles listed below as well as two more competition hair “tests”.

Compulsory Gymnastics Hairstyles: Piggies

Compulsory Gymnastics Hairstyles - Tips of the Trade - Planning for the backward roll!

1. Princess Hairstyles  | 2. She Does Hair | 3. Girly Do hairstyles| 4. Pretty Hair is Fun | 5. Girly Do Hairstyles

Is it secure?

Pick a gymnastics hairstyle that can endure three hours of flipping, jumping, and twisting. Hair in the face is anything but helpful, so use hairspray and multiple rubber bands!

Is it distracting?

Did you know that judges can deduct for obnoxious or distracting hair? Although this deduction is rarely given, avoiding too much ribbon, glitter, or added accessories to keeps your daughter’s performance the main focus.

5 Responses to “Gymnastics Hairstyles: Part 1”

  1. Mousie's Mom

    What do judges think of a tidy, but LONG, braid? My daughter adores her waist length hair but I don’t want it do be a distraction to the judges. Last year, she wore a very secure French braid… but it’s long!

    • Gym Gab

      The gift of long beautiful hair? Lucky.

      Long braids may be distracting but judges shouldn’t take the deduction without first commenting to the coach. It might want to confirm with your daughter’s coach that the hairstyle is appropriate. If her braid ever starts “whipping” her in the face maybe try and tucking it under.

      • Elly

        So a long braid is allowed? My daughter has the same problem as her hair is too thick for a ponytail or bun and it ends up either falling down or pulling painfully. The only solution is a braid

        • Lauren

          I have really thick and long hair, so I usually braid it then wrap it around to make a bun…


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