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Rewards Jar

As Fall competition season is in full swing, there are many parents wondering how they can help their child excel during meets. The most commonly used tactic? Bribery. Although the dangling of a carrot may result in improved performance, it can also be detrimental if poorly executed. I’ve heard of parents offering astronomical amounts of… Read more »

Dream Big

Nastia Tip #1: Encourage your child to Dream Big. See all of Nastia’s tips here. My preschooler’s dream is to be eight. The only thing needed to achieve this dream is time so I dig a little deeper, “What will you do when you’re eight?” She rattles off the following, “flick-lays, side aerials, front aerials, &… Read more »


It’s “Gym Show” season! Gym Show’s are an opportunity for students to show-off the hard work and cool tricks they learned during the Summer to friends and family. At my home gym, participants usually receive a trophy. It may be tempting to hide the gold plastic award in your child’s closet, but trophies deserve a… Read more »


Because gymnasts are always striving to be better and do more, what has already been accomplished is sometimes overlooked. The Jar of Rock Solid Tricks is a tangible way for gymnasts to track improvement and acknowledge achievement! It’s also cute decor for your child’s room. Step 1: Choose a see-through container. I got mine at Wal-Mart…. Read more »