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(Keep It Simple) Gymnastics Party @ The Gym

At our house we host Birthday Parties every other year. That means, every other year we get to trade the invites, balloons, themed-decor, and outside venue, for a blissful, family outing to celebrate the birth of our daughter. Really, this approach would be an every-year tradition if our girls didn’t insist there was an actual “need” for friend parties. Last year, was party year. The goal?… Read more »

Gymnastics Medal Display Ideas

If medals are taking over your athlete’s room, or hiding in a box somewhere in the attic between baby clothes and Christmas decor, it’s time for a gymnastics medal display!     Although DIY medal displays take some work, they have the potential of holding an ever increasing amount of awards. On the other hand, purchasing… Read more »

Coach and Teammate Custom Portraits

Hands down, my daughter’s coach is one of the most important people in her life and has been since she was two years old. Every year my husband and I wonder how we can express our unmeasurable appreciation for someone so influential in our daughter’s life. We’ve yet to find a Christmas gift that’s worthy of the giving,… Read more »

Dollar Store Good Luck Gifts!

Good luck gifts are a fun way to remind our gymnasts that we’re rooting for them! These surprises don’t need to be extravagant or pricey, they just need to send the message that our gymnasts are loved and supported. All it takes is a quick trip to the dollar store and 100 pennies (more or less). With tax, I… Read more »

Gymnastics Pumpkins!

In honor of the 1st day of October and all things spooky, we’re bringing back Makenna’s gymnastics pumpkins. You can find “how-to” directions listed below for ideas on how to make your own gymnastics-themed pumpkin! Got the creative bug? Send us a picture. We’d love to see how you’ve incorporated gymnastics into this Halloween season! Photos | Chelsey… Read more »

Throw a 10.0 Gymnastics Birthday Party!

Every gymnast at some point in her life begs for a gymnastics birthday party. The trick is turning your house into a gym or sprucing up the local gymnastics club. If you haven’t fulfilled your daughter’s dream of celebrating her birth and her sport together (or if she’s begging for a round two) the challenge just got a whole lot easier!… Read more »

Road Trip Free Printables

Time flies when you’re having fun–and this season must have been pretty awesome because a lot of you are working toward Regionals!!! Yikes and YAY!!! Makenna will make her way to Regionals on a plane later this week, but many of her gymnasts and their families are making the ten hour drive! Because Jessie has… Read more »

DIY: Barbie Leotard

  Photo Credit | Corinn Cattermole Makenna’s little girl was introduced to Barbies by her cousin at a young age and was immediately hooked. Makenna, however, hated the idea of little shoes, constant finagling of miniature clothes, and most frustrating (but unavoidable): the NAKED BARBIE! Luckily, Santa found a solution to the Barbie debate and delivered the Princess Ballerina Barbie Set  (no… Read more »

Vision Board Fonts

As promised, here are our favorite fonts for Vision Board projects. Read our Vision Board post |here|. Gymnastics | Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly Back Flip | Lemon drop Stick It | Sailors delight Courage & Heart | Magenta Flower Attitude | MiaMa Balance | Blake Lucky Leotard | Black Jack Leaps n Bounds | Clementine Sketch Ten Point O | Antrokas 

Nastia Tip: Stay Focused

This past year one of Makenna’s gymnasts was plagued with one injury after another . . . rheumatoid arthritis in the knee, wrist pain, pulled hip flexor, sprained ankle, sprained ankle again, etc.  Although she didn’t have broken bones, the accumulative time-off and missed meets began to haunt her. She had two choices (1) Lose hope… Read more »

Gymnastics Focus for 2014

“You should always be striving to achieve something to feel accomplished. And it’s so important to always finish what you started. Success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to work hard for it every single day.” – Nastia Liuikin A fun way for your gymnast to start fresh in 2014. Enjoy the free download.

Silhouette Pumpkins

Life is always busy. But, last week I decided to crumple up the “to-do” list, leave the laundry in the hampers, ignore my dirty floors, and focus some attention on pumpkins! I had three goals: 1) ditch the classic jack-o-lantern approach – knives and preschoolers are not the best combo, 2) incorporate gymnastics – of… Read more »