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Wednesday Write In – timid gymnasts

Last week, a coach in my (Makenna) program forwarded me a parent email, with hopes that I could help with an educated response. Although the questions were specific to the parent’s child, I felt that her concerns were not unique. My hope in sharing my thoughts on Gym Gab is that I can provide useful… Read more »

Nastia Tip: Stay Focused

This past year one of Makenna’s gymnasts was plagued with one injury after another . . . rheumatoid arthritis in the knee, wrist pain, pulled hip flexor, sprained ankle, sprained ankle again, etc.  Although she didn’t have broken bones, the accumulative time-off and missed meets began to haunt her. She had two choices (1) Lose hope… Read more »


Jessie shared some FANTASTIC tips for gym parents earlier this week! I’d like to “ditto” all of her great advice and add a few of my own to the list to round out a nice top 10 from Gym Gab. Before I begin, let me give a pat on the back to all gymnastics parents; your job… Read more »


With every new year comes goals and resolutions to become better at something which, in turn, will hopefully help us to become better people. This year, lets resolve to be better parents to our gymnasts!There are a million ways to be better, if not the BEST parents to your gymnasts, but let’s just focus on 5ways… Read more »

Gymnastics Focus for 2014

“You should always be striving to achieve something to feel accomplished. And it’s so important to always finish what you started. Success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to work hard for it every single day.” – Nastia Liuikin A fun way for your gymnast to start fresh in 2014. Enjoy the free download.

5 reasons to own a Balance Beam

Interested in turning your house into your gymnast’s dream-land? Might I suggest adding a balance beam to the utopia?!?! Find out why Balance Beams are on my “must” list. Also find easy purchasing options below.   Why own a Balance Beam? 1. Confidence – The main trick to balance beam training is instilling confidence. Gymnasts who have confidence on the… Read more »

Gymnastics Beam for Home Use

A gymnastics beam for the home is arguably the most applicable, affordable, and safest piece of home gymnastics equipment! Thinking of investing in a gymnastics beam? Read on for answers to these questions. . . Which gymnastics beam is right for your gymnast? Which beam is right for your home? Where can you easily purchase a gymnastics… Read more »

Rewards Jar

As Fall competition season is in full swing, there are many parents wondering how they can help their child excel during meets. The most commonly used tactic? Bribery. Although the dangling of a carrot may result in improved performance, it can also be detrimental if poorly executed. I’ve heard of parents offering astronomical amounts of… Read more »

Dream Big

Nastia Tip #1: Encourage your child to Dream Big. See all of Nastia’s tips here. My preschooler’s dream is to be eight. The only thing needed to achieve this dream is time so I dig a little deeper, “What will you do when you’re eight?” She rattles off the following, “flick-lays, side aerials, front aerials, &… Read more »

When, Why, How: Gymnastics for Kids

I’ve had the pleasure of answering the When, the Why and the How of gymnastics for kids, to hundreds of parents. I wear my coaching shirt in public way too often! If we haven’t bumped into each other yet, this post is for you. Photo | AmyLynn Studios When Should Kids Start Gymnastics? If you… Read more »

Back Handspring Tips

What are appropriate avenues to learning a back handspring? First, let’s start with the inappropriate – trying it at home. All too often, fear and injury are a result of kids “working” their back handspring outside of the gym. Here are safer alternatives: #1: Back Handspring Clinic Many gyms provide weekly or monthly opportunities for… Read more »

Nastia’s 5 Tips for Parents

This past year several of our gymnasts met 2008 Olympic All-Around Gold Medalist, Nastia Liukin. Two of our competitors were lucky enough to interact with her at an elite qualifier. One of our younger gymnasts was starstruck when she was chosen to perform with Nastia at the Kellogg’s Tour of Champions . Check out Aleah (red leo) with Nastia… Read more »