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The fundraisers listed below require a bit more planning and man-power than the ideas shared in my EASY FUNDRAISERS FOR BOOSTER CLUBS post, but with a little creativity they can result in huge fundraising success. 1. TEAM GARAGE SALE WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THIS FUNDRAISER: A great way to get rid of unwanted things and contribute to fundraising… Read more »

Easy Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

What do leotards, eating out and wrapping paper all have in common? They’re all viable ways to raise money for competition season! Today’s post is for Gymnastics Booster Clubs who are on the hunt for ways to “raise dollars for dreams” (saying borrowed from Plum Practicewear). There are a lot of great ways to compensate for competition season… Read more »


Today I celebrate 15 years of coaching by remembering where my journey began – The wonderful world of non-competitive gymnastics! I took my first coaching job at a small gym. It was wonderful. I could not have chosen a better environment to start my career than at a gym that fostered fun, confidence, and development without the worries of routines, deductions, and scores…. Read more »

Gymnastics Meet App

In honor of meet season I’m sharing my three favorite things about competitions and introducing you to TumbleTally – a sponsor of Gym Gab as well as a fabulous tool to assist you in your score tracking efforts this year! Three things I LOVE about Meet Season (1) Singing the National Anthem –  all too rarely do I reflect on the… Read more »

Begin here, Go anywhere: 7 Sports gymnasts should try

I love USA Gymnastics slogan, “Begin Here, Go Anywhere.” Whether it be graduation, injury, fear, finances, or other commitments, there comes a time in a gymnast’s life when she will have to retire the leotard (or at least the competitive one – check out Johanna Quass). The goal? To find an activity that will challenge,… Read more »

Gymnastics Hairstyles: Part 1

It’s Compulsory Competition Season, so lets talk gymnastics hairstyles! There are hundreds of creative, cute gymnastics hairstyles on Pinterest (check out our gymnastics hairstyle board here), but not all will prove successful at a compulsory (levels 1-5) gymnastics meet! First Test: Is it Backward Roll Friendly? Did you know that your daughter has a backward roll in her floor… Read more »

Toddler Gymnastics – ten great benefits

We’ve all heard of the five senses sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. But did you know that there are actually seven senses!?!? Gill Connell, a child development expert and co-author of A moving Child is a Learning Child, explains that the last two senses vestibular (sense of balance) and proprioception (our intuitive sense of space and position) may feel… Read more »

Gym Mom Jobs

We all balance many roles in life. These days, probably too many. Wife, Mother, Coach, Blogger, Friend . . . are just the beginning of my (Makenna’s) slightly overwhelming list. The challenge of course is managing all of the titles and not letting the most important roles (for me, that of wife and mother) get neglected because of my commitment to… Read more »


“How was gym today?” is a question every gym parent wants to ask their kid on the car ride home. Unfortunately this age-old, open-ended question loses it’s importance when the word “fine” become the oh-so common answer.  Here is a list of 25 questions to ask your athlete (not all in the same day of course),… Read more »


Two weekends ago my son had his first State Meet and I concluded my first season as a Gymnastics Mom as opposed to a Gymnastics Coach. I went into the season worrying about how everything would go for both my son and me but then left the season with a new understanding of why I didn’t need to… Read more »


As we all have learned, “hind-sight is 20/20” — and that runs true for gymnasts, too. Sometimes as gymnasts, parents, and even as coaches, we don’t realize many things we are learning until we look back on our experiences. We would like to introduce a new series of posts called LIVED, LOVED, & LEARNED that invites former gymnasts to… Read more »

Loving Your Gymnast Better

We wouldn’t dare try to claim that we are parenting experts, but we DO know a little about kiddos in the gym. We get asked frequently what we think is the best for these amazing children we coach and, honestly, we believe that the best thing for your kiddos is to figure out what they need to feel… Read more »