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We don’t know about you, but we really love to feel strong.  But even more than strong, we love to feel HEALTHY.   As gymnasts and parents of gymnasts, you can understand how important feeling like you’re each of these things is and one of the best ways to get there is by eating delicious and nutritious meals. … Read more »

Girls don’t have upper body strength. Ha!

When I (Jessie) was in my teens, I was able to go to “boot camp” for a youth conference where we were given the opportunity to go through some of the macho drills and obstacle courses the armed forces train on. Since I was a gymnast and took pride in my hard-earned strength, I couldn’t… Read more »

10 Life Hacks for Sore Muscles

If you’re a gymnast or a parent to one, surely you’d agree that gymnastics is full of great workouts and sore muscles afterward.  We, at Gym Gab, aren’t physicians, but we are definitely active individuals and have coached many athletes, so we are certainly familiar with muscles and muscles being sore.  Because of this, we thought you’d… Read more »

Green Smoothie Goddess

As Spring is upon us, we can’t help but notice all of the GREEN greeting us at every turn.  One thing that we’ve thought a lot about is introducing you to The Green Smoothie Goddess, a dear friend and mother of a darling gymnast that Jessie once coached.  Liz Phalp is known for her love and… Read more »


I (Jessie) think many (if not ALL) of us have ooohed and awwwwed over some nice sets of abs we like to call a six-pack. I’m betting that if you have a gymnast in your home, you’re more than aware of their existence. But why are they called six-packs and how in the blazes do you get… Read more »

Grounds to Workout

Happy First Day of Spring! As coaches (and let’s be honest, as women) we are huge advocates of the word “workout,” but as mothers, we are also huge fans of the words “get out”–as in GET OUT DOORS. We love that spring is finally here and with the warmer days comes more time outside! Today, as we celebrate our… Read more »

Healthy Treats: Crispy Peanut Butter Bars

We’d like to welcome Erika Peterson of Clean Simple Foodie, a sweet friend of ours who shares the love of promoting health and fitness (as well as delicious food)!  A special THANK YOU  to her for sharing this delicious recipe with Gym Gab!   For a chance to win Erika’s incredible e-book “Clean Simple Eats,”… Read more »

Cure Winter Blues with Greens

Is it March already?!?! For our kids in the gym, that means only a few more practices to prepare for State Meet! For our little one’s at home, it signifies a countdown to lucky charms, gold coins, and green milk! So, to celebrate State Meet and Saint Patty’s Day, we present a list of GREENS… Read more »

Sanitize for Sanity

Last month, I (Jessie) took my tiny one in for her 18 month well-visit with her pediatrician only to discover she had massive double ear infections! Wow. Mom of the year. We had all had our taste of the post-holiday season cough/cold bug over the last few weeks, so I knew we had come up against… Read more »

Door-Jam Hammies in your Jammies

Want to know how gymnasts can fold over and touch their toes so easily? They’ve sufficiently stretched their hamstrings! Well, duh, right?! Well, if we, as adults, measured our health by our flexibility, some of us might be considered stiffs! Ha! According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “Adults should do flexibility exercises at least two or… Read more »

Oh So Delicioso: Protein Breakfast

Hi Gym Gab Blog readers! This is Aubrey from Oh So Delicioso sharing a simple and sweet recipe for your lil gymnast. As a mom of three crazy kiddos, I’m always looking for quick simple ways to get nutrition in their bellies especially for breakfast! And this chocolate smoothie is a gem. Smooth and creamy with a… Read more »

10.0 List: Grab & Go Snacks

Between our coaching schedules, working-out, our daughter’s gymnastics classes, preschool, etc., our family spends a lot of time running around. We also accrue a large balance on our gym pro-shop snack account! I’ve made a resolution this month to stock my fridge (and car) with convenient, nutritious foods in order to keep my family healthy and full…. Read more »