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50 Gymnastic Stocking Stuffers

//Click here for 2014’s Gift Guide// When I was a child, my mom was the master stocking stuffer. Every year she would fill our stockings with meaningful trinkets pertinent to our individuality and current interests. Trying to follow suit, I’ve been on the hunt for special items to stuff in my daughters’ stockings this year. Here… Read more »

Leotards with a bit of Attitude

1. Game Multi // Destira // $41.99 2. Black Lycra Motif // OZONE // $41.99 3. Dynamic Zebra // Destira // $41.99 4. Side Flair // GK Elite // $49.99 5. Mustache Leo // AEROLeotards // $36.95 6. Flutter Wrap // GK Elite // $54.99

Perfectly Pink Leotards

1. Squares Berry // Destira // $41.00 2. I want Candy// Alpha Factor // $49.99 3. Pink Sparkle Halter // Ozone // $69.95 4. Berry Slither // GK Elite // $64.99 5. Hot Pink Scoop // Ozone // $39.98 6. Feather V Neck // GK Elite // $59.99  

Holiday Leotards

Next on the gift giving guide for gymnasts (that was a lot of g’s in one sentence) are leotards!!! Leotards are a practical present with personality. Take comfort knowing this gift will be put to good use over and over and over and over again. It’s also a stocking stuffer that holds a lot of… Read more »

Gymnastics Equipment for Home

Purchasing gymnastics equipment for home is a bit daunting. What piece of gymnastics equipment is right for your budding gymnast? What items are safe to have in the home? What should you buy, why should you buy it, and where can you find it? All of these questions are answered below! You can buy any of the below… Read more »

5 reasons to own a Balance Beam

Interested in turning your house into your gymnast’s dream-land? Might I suggest adding a balance beam to the utopia?!?! Find out why Balance Beams are on my “must” list. Also find easy purchasing options below.   Why own a Balance Beam? 1. Confidence – The main trick to balance beam training is instilling confidence. Gymnasts who have confidence on the… Read more »

Gymnastics Beam for Home Use

A gymnastics beam for the home is arguably the most applicable, affordable, and safest piece of home gymnastics equipment! Thinking of investing in a gymnastics beam? Read on for answers to these questions. . . Which gymnastics beam is right for your gymnast? Which beam is right for your home? Where can you easily purchase a gymnastics… Read more »

Holiday Gift Guide

Yep, it’s that time again; Holiday Shopping! The good news is that your gymnast can be the easiest person to check off of your list this year! Pick something in any of these six categories, and you’re sure to impress. (1) Home Equipment: countless hours of entertainment, improvement, and fun! (2) Workout Wear: I haven’t… Read more »

Leotard Costumes

The Good News It was a wonderful fall weekend: orange mountains, crisp air, and the gym Halloween Party! A bounce house, blow-up slides, cake walk, pumpkin bowling, pizza, open gym, and a haunted house always make for a good time, but seeing my three year-old experience the fun made this year extra special! Photos will… Read more »

Paper Nook | Giveaway

Photos | Chelsey Searle Photography Although I only have two daughters, I often feel as if I’m raising eleven girls! The little group of nine gymnasts that I coach have (almost) as much of my heart as my own babies do. These girls have been raised in the gym, several of them I’ve coached since they… Read more »

10.0 List: Grab & Go Snacks

Between our coaching schedules, working-out, our daughter’s gymnastics classes, preschool, etc., our family spends a lot of time running around. We also accrue a large balance on our gym pro-shop snack account! I’ve made a resolution this month to stock my fridge (and car) with convenient, nutritious foods in order to keep my family healthy and full…. Read more »

Back 2 School

Now that Labor Day has come & gone, our young gymnasts will adorn themselves in more than a leo and head back to the classroom. Although these athlete’s chiseled arms hint of the pull-ups, push-ups, flipping, & twisting they do after the bell rings, a more prominent exclamation of their unique identity is in order…. Read more »