5 reasons to own a Balance Beam

Interested in turning your house into your gymnast’s dream-land? Might I suggest adding a balance beam to the utopia?!?! Find out why Balance Beams are on my “must” list. Also find easy purchasing options below.

5 ways balance beams benefit gymnasts at home!


Why own a Balance Beam?

1. Confidence – The main trick to balance beam training is instilling confidence. Gymnasts who have confidence on the balance beam demonstrate composure, aggressiveness, and determination to stay on! The more time a gymnast spends playing on the beam, the more confident she becomes.

2. Safety – Low beams have low risk factor if used appropriately. (Adequate space with surrounding mats or padding always help). Although most homes can’t, and shouldn’t, accommodate competition sized equipment, balance beams can safely fudge this predicament. A 16 foot low balance beam provides the same workspace as a competition high beam model!

3. Application – Proper timing, technique, and form are indifferent to the height of the balance beam. The only variable is fear. Repetition of proper execution on a low balance beam provides a foundation for success on high beams.  As gymnast’s advance and riskier skill sets become less applicable to at-home equipment, the balance beam continues to offer opportunity for choreography practice – the challenge of dancing on a 4″ wide surface is indifferent to height! Gymnasts can also use beams for conditioning and flexibility assignments (talk to your coach or check back with Gym Gab for ideas).

4. Longevity – Unlike some other gymnastics equipment, a balance beam supplies a decade plus of entertainment. Young children enjoy walking, hopping, and tip-toeing across the beam. As skill sets become more advanced, the beam is still appropriately challenging. Adjusting the length/height  of the beam with adjoining sectional beams and adjustable legs allows for even longer use.

5. Family Fun – Siblings, parents, neighbors, aunts and uncles can all join in on the fun! Many balance beams have a 250 lb. weight limit so most anyone can enjoy the challenge of balance beam activities!

*Note: Make sure the balance beam doesn’t become a chore or activity for parent-issued assignments. Practice at home is a FUN activity to encourage a positive gymnast-beam relationship!





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