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Sanitize for Sanity

Last month, I (Jessie) took my tiny one in for her 18 month well-visit with her pediatrician only to discover she had massive double ear infections! Wow. Mom of the year. We had all had our taste of the post-holiday season cough/cold bug over the last few weeks, so I knew we had come up against… Read more »


Jessie’s son with his coach! “Meet Day” is a whirlwind of nerves, excitement, fun, and accomplishment for everyone! Gymnasts, parents, and coaches alike feel the intensity of it all–but not too surprisingly, they all feel it just a little bit differently! For a gymnast, getting warmed up, waiting for their turn in front of the judge, and… Read more »

Vision Board Fonts

As promised, here are our favorite fonts for Vision Board projects. Read our Vision Board post |here|. Gymnastics | Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly Back Flip | Lemon drop Stick It | Sailors delight Courage & Heart | Magenta Flower Attitude | MiaMa Balance | Blake Lucky Leotard | Black Jack Leaps n Bounds | Clementine Sketch Ten Point O | Antrokas 

Nastia Tip: Stay Focused

This past year one of Makenna’s gymnasts was plagued with one injury after another . . . rheumatoid arthritis in the knee, wrist pain, pulled hip flexor, sprained ankle, sprained ankle again, etc.  Although she didn’t have broken bones, the accumulative time-off and missed meets began to haunt her. She had two choices (1) Lose hope… Read more »

Door-Jam Hammies in your Jammies

Want to know how gymnasts can fold over and touch their toes so easily? They’ve sufficiently stretched their hamstrings! Well, duh, right?! Well, if we, as adults, measured our health by our flexibility, some of us might be considered stiffs! Ha! According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), “Adults should do flexibility exercises at least two or… Read more »


Jessie shared some FANTASTIC tips for gym parents earlier this week! I’d like to “ditto” all of her great advice and add a few of my own to the list to round out a nice top 10 from Gym Gab. Before I begin, let me give a pat on the back to all gymnastics parents; your job… Read more »

Gymnast-Friendly Valentines

One month until Valentine’s Day!!! Last year, one of my gymnasts made a personal goal to not eat candy during competition season. This ambition presented a challenge on the holiday of love and sweets. Supportive of her commitment, I searched Pinterest for “candy-free” Valentines for my team. Here are six gems; fantastic gymnast-friendly Valentine ideas. Visit the… Read more »


With every new year comes goals and resolutions to become better at something which, in turn, will hopefully help us to become better people. This year, lets resolve to be better parents to our gymnasts!There are a million ways to be better, if not the BEST parents to your gymnasts, but let’s just focus on 5ways… Read more »


Well Hello! My name is Jessie and I am joining this team because Makenna is generous enough to think that I would make a good sidekick in this GymGab adventure. I live for adventure and since most of my life has been lived for gymnastics, it just seems so fitting. As a once-obsessed gymnast turned dancer turned gymnastics… Read more »

Gymnastics Focus for 2014

“You should always be striving to achieve something to feel accomplished. And it’s so important to always finish what you started. Success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to work hard for it every single day.” – Nastia Liuikin A fun way for your gymnast to start fresh in 2014. Enjoy the free download.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Although the superstitious may have deemed 2013 to be unlucky, I reflect back on the year with gratitude for the array of opportunities and growth, the anything but unlucky year has provided. At the close of 2012, my husband and I welcomed the birth of a second daughter . . . 2013… Read more »

50 Gymnastic Stocking Stuffers

//Click here for 2014’s Gift Guide// When I was a child, my mom was the master stocking stuffer. Every year she would fill our stockings with meaningful trinkets pertinent to our individuality and current interests. Trying to follow suit, I’ve been on the hunt for special items to stuff in my daughters’ stockings this year. Here… Read more »